Not all affiliate programs are equal, and once you’ve built your entire website around particular offers, it can take a lot of willpower to start over from scratch again. Choosing the wrong products even has the potential to destroy any credibility you have with your readers. For these reasons, I highly recommend seeking out two to three good products before you even make the decision to enter a niche – there’s no point in starting a project you’ll struggle to monetize.

Here’s some criteria to consider when analyzing affiliate programs.

1. A Product You Believe In

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many new marketers will promote anything they can get their hands on as long as it pays a decent commission. Don’t be one of those guys. Take the time to actually check these products out first.

2. Effective Sales Page

A great product is nothing without great marketing, and once you send the traffic over to the product owner, it’s their job to close them.
Actually read their sales page. Would it convince you to buy if you were in the market? If you’re tempted to buy it even reading as a potential affiliate, that’s a good sign it will do the trick.
Is there anything that turns you off about the page? Be as critical as possible, considering the claims, the bonuses, and the price.

3. Product Owner Availability

Send a message over to the product owner before signing up to get an idea of how responsive they are. If they don’t answer you now, before you’ve even signed up, they’re not going to offer much support later on when you’re working with them as a “partner.”
Avoid flaky affiliate managers.

4. Use of Spammy Tactics

You should avoid sales pages that use spammy, annoying tactics, like blaring videos that come on right away, pop-ups, and exit pages that suddenly lower the price. Some readers will hate this stuff, and not only will these lead to poor conversions but will reflect on you as well.

5. Recurring Commissions

If you’re looking to set up semi-passive income streams, one of the best affiliate pay structures is one that delivers you a commission every month starting from the initial sale until the buyer discontinues their subscription. Look for membership courses and monthly services to find these great programs.

6. Ongoing Affiliate Support

The best affiliate programs will offer all types of marketing tools to help you make sales. Ready-made banner ads of all types and sizes. Affiliate Marketing training and specific promotion advice. Occasional coupon codes so you can offer special discounts.
Recurring Payments


7. No Opt-in On Lead Page

Try to avoid products that collect information on their sales page. The reason being that if someone you send opts in but doesn’t buy immediately, you may very likely lose the commission. Not to mention that you want to collecting these opt-ins yourself – if they end up on both of your lists, not only will they get burnt out on the niche but you’re selling the same offer as the product owner.
Not ideal at all.
There are plenty of great affiliate programs for information products to be found on Clickbank, but don’t confine your search there. Some of the best products can be found by Googling “YOURNICHE eBook” or “YOURNICHE course” to see what comes up. You might also check out the websites of your top competitors to see what they’re promoting.
Then just Google “PRODUCTNAME affiliate program.”
Pick a few niches and start researching possible affiliate programs today.