This is just a friendly reminder that by October 31st, Amazon may terminate your affiliate account if you do not confirm compliance.

In order to be compliant, your website may not be PRIMARILY targeted at children under the age of 13 – those sites are not eligible to display advertisements from Amazon.

Required Steps For Compliance

To confirm compliance, all you have to do is:

1. Log into your Amazon Affiliate account at

2. At the top right, click the link Account Settings
Amazon Affiliate Account Settings.png

3. Click the blue link Edit Your Website List
Edit Your Website List.png

4. In order to be compliant, you need to add all of your websites that display ads from Amazon and then confirm compliance on the next page.
Confirm Website Compliance.png

5. Make sure to actually read the text on the confirmation page and confirm that no sites are primarily directed at children under 13. Primarily in this case means your main target group.

Confirmation page:

Confirm Compliance.png


If you have several sites, you need to add all of them to avoid termination.