When sending traffic to an affiliate offer it is important to keep track of where the clicks are coming from and whether or not they convert into sales (or leads, or whatever the goal is). There are different paths that a potential customer can take to the offer on the affiliate merchant site.

Tracking202 for Affiliate Tracking


A typical path is a search on a search engine, a click on a paid ad to a landing page on the affiliates (your) web site, then a click over to the offer. I would personally rather see the path as: a search on a search engine, a click on an organic listing to a landing page on my site, to an opt-in in my newsletter, to a redirect to the offer (or more realistically, a click from a future email). However, we can’t always make that happen.

The first scenario -paid traffic to a landing page, then to the offer- is more common, a lot simpler to track, and will be the focus of this article today.

Installing and using tracking software

In the video below I explain how to install the free affiliate tracking software, Prosper202, to a sub domain.


In the following video I go through the steps of setting up a hypothetical offer for tracking a Clickbank product.

What exactly are we tracking?

In the process above we are assigning a unique number to an individual. Immediately after clicking our ad, we know the source of the traffic, what ad they clicked on, and what version of our landing page they clicked on. From there we can see if they actually clicked the link from our landing page or dropped off at that stage. If they do click the affiliate link to the offer, we pass their uniquely assigned number to ClickBank. If they make a purchase we can see that number in the sales reports.

Now we just have to tie that number into Prosper202 so that we can generate reports after enough traffic has been sent. Submitting the conversion IDs can be a manual process but it doesn’t have to be. Software can be created or purchased to automatically tie in to Prosper202 to update the numbers (called Sub IDs by the way). An even better way is to use tracking pixels.

Better automated tracking

To track better it starts with a better approach from the beginning. First of all, purchase and use the product that you want to promote. Even if takes 30 days to use, use it. Make an honest assessment of the product and communicate, and prove its effectiveness in a video and written review. Then contact the owner and show them your review and ask if they will place a tracking pixel and tell them you are going to start promoting when the tracking pixel is in place.

The tracking pixel can be pulled from the offer setup created in Prosper202. It will fire on conversion and update Prosper202 automatically. Best of luck with your affiliate promotion. Follow all of the rules of the merchant, the network, and FTC, and consider the customer every step of the way and you will have a hard time NOT doing well.