Affiliate marketing is a very popular way to make money on the Internet and has a very low barrier of entry. Amazon has one of the oldest in-house affiliate programs around. They call their affiliates “associates.”

Amazon Associates

Get Commissions On All Qualified Purchases From This High Trust Site

A lot of affiliates don’t like Amazon at all. The main reason is because of the low commission rates, but when dealing with low margin physical products there is not much profit to go around.

While the commission rates do get higher for certain categories of products and especially for digital products, the base rate is around 4% usually. That will increase based on the number of qualifying sales within a given month though but it still takes a lot of sales to bump that number.

Many Affiliates Love Amazon And For Good Reason

The best thing about the affiliate program with Amazon is that you are able to receive commissions on all purchases, not just for the products that you advertised. As an example, you could advertise fly fishing rods and the customer turns around and buys fishing magazines and books, or even a TV set, and you get commissions for all purchases.

The purchases don’t have to be related or even semi-related. In fact, the originally viewed item doesn’t even have to be purchased to get commissions for other products.

Amazon Is One Of The Oldest Online Stores

This sort of thing happens all of the time, and for several reasons. People trust Amazon. It is a household name and people have been buying products from there for a very long time. It has a gold seal in the online store sector. It is one of the first. Plus, they sell a lot of stuff from a lot of different vendors.

Secondly, Amazon upsells people very very well, which is good for us affiliates. Other sites mimic the upsell features that Amazon uses because they work so well. For example, Amazon keeps track of other products that people looked at (or purchased) in relation to the product currently being viewed. This gives customers a peak at whole new product lines, related or not.

Amazon will also offer free shipping a lot of time when an order peaks above a certain dollar amount, which gives buyers incentive to fill their baskets. And since you are the originating affiliate, you get credit (i.e. commissions) for all products in the basket.

Geotarget Your Amazon Customers For Higher Conversions

Your web site, even if it is sporting a .com and is set up in Google Webmaster Tools as being a “U.S. web site” will get traffic from other parts of the globe. That’s just the way it is.

Well, Amazon has a few different web sites that cater to different parts of the world. And sure, folks in Canada can buy stuff from but there is an that they are more likely to buy from so they don’t have to pay duty. is a larger marketplace than all of it’s other online locations, but they are catching up.

You have to apply for the affiliate programs for each site independently. Most English speaking webmasters sign up to the .com, .ca, and Amazon sites as Associates.

Then, with a little geotargeting technology sprinkled in, the web master could determine the visitors country on-the-fly. With that info he or she could use a different affiliate URL for each country, providing the related Amazon site has the product.