I have been running a profitable campaign for some time now through Facebook. I direct traffic to an obscure dating niche and people click and they sign up. As a result I get commissions. I won’t tell you the niche, or dating site, but I’ll tell you exactly how I do it.

It’s a very straight forward process that I will go over through a couple of articles. Basically, you find a niche dating site, create a landing page to match, and direct the traffic to a landing page on the dating site. Track the traffic to see where you are profitable. Unless you are building a list and measuring things differently, a winning campaign is a profitable one in my books.

Niche dating site

Find A Niche Dating Site That Has A Decent Paying Affiliate Program

Look around for niche dating sites across the web. There are lots. Maybe even look into one that you yourself would like to be part of, because it’s easier to put yourself in the shoes of the customer, because you are a potential customer yourself.

For example, there is a dating site that matches people based on the books they enjoy. There are others that connect people who share a common belief system on dieting. You get the idea. It has to be a unique group of people to make it easier to get the traffic from Facebook.

Plus of course they have to have a program that pays affiliates for referrals. If you don’t see an “Affiliates,” or “Affiliate Program” link (or similar) around the site, do a Google Search for “{name of dating site} +affiliate” and you may have better luck. It might be through a network like Commission Junction and just not advertised on the site. Some sites do that to avoid people buying from their own links but I think that’s a bad move because they could be losing affiliates. And there are better ways to prevent fraud. But I digress.

Look At The Offer And Put Yourself In The Shoes Of The Dater. Find Out What The Merchant Pays You For. Do You Get Paid For Free Sign Ups?

You may have to sign up to the offer before making the decision to promote it. Take a look at the payout and how you get paid. Are you paid when the person spends money or just for signing up? Are you only paid for bringing in females? Is there a decent length cookie? Have a peek at the landing pages. Can you direct traffic to a specific page… say to a city-specific and/or sexual orientation page!?

Cookie length is usually pretty important. Some people will visit the site and bookmark it and sign up later. If they visit the bookmark and sign up after the cookie expires you won’t be credited unfortunately. So, the longer the better. If there is a very good landing page that appears “high converting” I might accept a short length cookie. 60 days is typical and OK, but several months is much much better. Naturally, a lifetime cookie is ideal.

Stay tuned as I continue on with information about the landing page, tracking, and setting up the campaign.

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