This is the second part for an article I wrote about setting up a campaign on Facebook to direct traffic to a niche dating offer. I already covered a bit about choosing an offer (i.e. a dating site to promote) and in this article I will have a look at landing pages and setting up the first ad.

Niche dating site

Setup A Landing Page That The Daters Will Be Comfortable On When Coming From Facebook

It’s best to have your own landing page rather than direct linking so I will cover that here. Gear it towards the target audience you are running your ads for. Your target audience for the first offer might be:

>> single females who like women that live in Detroit, Michigan and eat vegetarian

These offers when run on Facebook I feel perform better than when running them through Plenty of Fish. Sure, those on POF are clearly “looking” but you cannot drill-down as far into a particular audience segment as you can with FB.

Anyway, I match my landing page (the one that I create) with the site that I am getting the traffic from (in this case Facebook). I match the colors and even welcome the “Facebook users.” I match the UI close but not a direct rip off. I just want the people to feel comfortable. I also include information about the city and “likes” that I am targeting for the ad that I am running. Naturally I will include pictures of people that match the desired dating gender of my target audience. If at all possible I dynamically generate a collage of people that actually belong to the site, are in the same city, and are “online right now.” This is very helpful but the dating site webmasters aren’t always on it like that 😉

Of course, I also want it to be consistent when they click through to the dating site. If I have control over where they land I make sure it isn’t generic at all. It’s pretty easy when dealing with niche sites but if I can match the city and other factors I like to do that as well.

Consider the Free Affiliate Tracking Tool Prosper202 to See if your Campaigns are Profitable

Setup tracking to hide your traffic source. Not because you are doing anything wrong, but because some merchants will shut you down and steal your ideas if you are successful. Believe me, it has happened to me. Plus of course you can see what “ad tweaks” work best, and you can track segments of an audience and time of day, etc.

Launch Your Campaign On Facebook Making Sure To Drill Down Into The Correct Target Audience – The More Granular The Better – You Can Be Profitable In Just One Segment!

You don’t have to spend a lot to run your ads. I do recommend $100 at least though. Just take it slow to start. Get traffic related to just one city, one gender, and one orientation to start. That is very segmented and very targeted.

You can spread the ad over the span of 2 months or more. You can even set it up with $0.50 CPM as long as your daily budget is at least twice as much.

Last tip: Don’t forget to select just “single” for the relationship status, unless of course you are running ads for one of those niches 🙂

Best of luck!