Way #6: CMS Plugins, Extentions, and Modules.

If you’re not crazy about the idea of creating your own themes for WordPress, because perhaps you don’t like the strenuous graphic design element, or web design in general, and you feel more inclined to just sit down and code, you can always create WordPress Plugins instead. Joomla and Drupal are the second and third most used CMS’s (Content Management Systems) and they have virtually the same thing, though Joomla calls these Extentions, and Drupal calls them Modules.,

But, regardless of which one you choose to build, you can help people to add a LOT of functionality to their website relatively quickly. Plugins have done everything from helping people stay more socially connected, to adding powerful security systems to their websites. Whatever you choose to build, so long as there’s a definite need for it, you should do very well. And again, these require quite a bit of work up-front, but in the end, you have something of real value which you can offer to people, and you’ll get paid for it again and again.

Way #7: Membership Sites

Why just get paid one time for your content? Most people who’ve been in business for a while, know that anytime you can create something that provides consistent value month after month (meaning you can charge a monthly subscription for it) is way more profitable than just about any “one-time” payment type offer. As many Internet Marketers do, I joined an excellent forum when I was first learning Internet Marketing called PPC-Coach. PPC-Coach has a lot of training videos in it’s back-end, but the main thing you’re paying for, is the luxury of having access to the Coach himself, as well as many other knowledgeable people on this Premium forum. You can do something like this too.

PPC Coach

Create a Premium forum, and offer people your advice, and the advice of others on a consistent basis. If you’re able to really help people out, some of the people you help will end up sticking around, and in turn, they’ll help the newbies on the forum, and on and on it will go. This will lighten your workload over time, and make it easier for you to focus on some of your other projects, while still making sure that everyone on the forums gets the help they need. These can be extremely profitable over a long period of time.

Way #8: Premium Newsletters and E-mail Courses

We’re all familiar with auto responder series. We usually use them to help sell people on certain products and services. However, what many people seem to forget, is that these can actually have REAL value. They’re used in certain niches to give valuable information, such as in gambling and investing, to give tips to people on what they should bet on, or what specific stocks to invest in.

If you can dig deep into a niche and give people all the exclusive inside information within a given niche, which they’re not likely to get anywhere else, then this can be very valuable. Essentially, you can also offer people the same type of information that they’d find in an eBook, but over a longer period of time via an e-mail course. This can be used as a selling point. You can tell people that you won’t be bombarding them with a ton of information at once, but instead, you’ll hold their hand and giving them just the information they need, and then you’ll give them time to learn and implement that info before you move onto the next thing. Just make sure the info is genuinely solid and valuable.

Way #9: PLR Products

Instead of creating a product for people which you sell yourself, why not give people the ability to put their own names on a product, and sell it themselves? This is a very different concept from having affiliates, and, it can be very profitable. You can either create PLR products, and then sell them to people, with the rights to put their name on it, OR, you can just buy one of these products yourself, and, if you think it’s quality, then you can sell it as your own.

There are whole video courses on various subjects which were created to be sold as PLR products, so this is something you can definitely offer to people, and you won’t have to spend a minute creating the product yourself. If you know how to do affiliate marketing, then this should be a piece of cake for you, AND after you pay the one-time fee for the PLR product, you can keep 100% of the profit, instead of the usual split which takes place with normal affiliate marketing.

So, there you have it, if you’re sick of affiliate marketing, here’s 9 great ways you can break out, and start creating products for yourself. When done wisely, you’ll find that creating your own products can be FAR more profitable than affiliate marketing is in the long run.