In a previous couple of articles we went over the top CPM networks, so, I thought it would be important to ALSO go over some of the top CPC networks. First of all, let’s go over the difference between CPM, and CPC. CPM and CPC refer to how traffic is purchased. CPM, stands for Cost Per Mille… mille being the Latin word for “Thousand”, it essentially means, Cost Per Thousand. That being one thousand ad impressions. So, regardless of whether you get a ton of clicks, or no clicks at all, it doesn’t matter, you’re still paying the same flat rate per 1,000 ad impressions (people seeing your ad, essentially).

Cost Per Click means, as the name would imply, you pay for each Click. So, if you aren’t getting any clicks, then you aren’t paying anything for traffic, AND, the more clicks you get, the more you’re paying for traffic, so, clicks are extremely important with this type of setup. Now, with CPC, more responsibility is put on the Publisher, because if there aren’t any Clicks, the Publisher can keep displaying ads, whilst not getting any money for it, whereas with CPC, more weight is placed on the Advertiser, because they can pay for ad impressions, and even if they aren’t getting any clicks, so, the Advertiser, in this situation, is shouldering most of the risk.

So, Which Is Better?

So, between CPC, and CPM, which one is better for the Advertiser? Well, instinctively, you might say that CPC is better for the Advertiser, because in a way, you’re only paying for results, but don’t be too hasty. BECAUSE the Publisher is shouldering most of the risk, CPC advertisements are generally more expensive, whereas with CPM, the Advertiser can oftentimes get a better deal overall. So, if you’re an Advertiser, which do you use? CPM? Not exactly. The best thing to do is to start out with CPC bidding (if you have a choice) on untested advertisements. This way, if the ads completely bomb, you’re not held responsible, and the Publisher is the one that has to shoulder that cost.

On the other hand, once you have an advertisement (be it a banner ad, text ad, etc.) that’s proven to perform, NOW, you want to go to paying on a CPM basis. Because you’re shouldering the risk, once you already know an ad is performing then it makes sense for us to pay on a CPM basis, since we don’t have to worry about whether we’ll end up spending money without getting anything in return or not because our ad is proven to work already. So then, let’s dive right into some of the best CPC Ad Networks…

CPC Network #1: Google Adsense & The Google Display Network

Of course, how could we start a talk about the biggest CPC Networks, without naming the one that is by far the largest one of all time: Google. While this is technically one network, it goes by two different names. For the Publishers, it’s called “Google Adsense”, and of course, as you probably are aware, for the advertisers, it’s known as the “Google Display Network” (formerly the Google Content Network for you old school Advertisers out there). The one nice thing about Google, is that it’s essentially for everyone… there’s very little in the way of requirements (such as traffic requirements), like you get with most networks.

Have you ever seen a banner ad, or a group of text ads that said “Ads By Google”? This means that this Publisher is using Google Adsense, as quite a few people are. One really nice thing about AdSense, is its ease of use. Just about anyone can get started on it immediately, and start making money, so long as you have the traffic.

Google AdSense

CPC Network #2: Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is another well-known CPC Network, though of course, no where even close to being as well known as Google Adsense. Overall, this is a great site to join on both the Publisher and the Advertiser sides. While, like most networks, they have their rules, such as not allowing pornographic sites, illegal sites (such as drugs or other promiscuous activities) overall, they’re relatively lenient, and will give you much more room on what they’ll allow than you’ll get with Google Adsense, for example.

Unlike most other networks, Bidvertiser is similar to Google AdSense in that it’s great for beginners considering they also don’t require you to have X number of visitors per month. If you’re a new Publisher and just looking to get your feet wet, both of these two Networks make for fantastic options. Give them both a try.