If you’ve been researching on the web lately, you’ve probably already gathered that social media is a big deal. What you may or may not have investigated are the various types of social media management platforms. Growing exponentially, HootSuite has made a name for itself as being one of the more cost effective functional social media management products on the market and business owners everywhere are buzzing about the cool tools it offers them at a cost that just about anyone can afford.

Some programs such as SproutSocial are more expensive; while there are also some free tools like TweetDeck in the same space that simply don’t measure up in terms of features.

So what is HootSuite and how do marketers use it? Simply put… HootSuite is a way for you to manage your social media platforms without being all over the place.


Why is Using HootSuite Better Than Working Directly With the Platforms Themselves?

Whether you’re an expert at being social or a beginner, HootSuite allows you to connect to your customer base in a way that keeps it personal as well as measurable and logistically correct. Tools like their bulk status updater allow you to import massive amounts of content to be released over a long period of time. This is important because it gives you the starting point you need to really make sure that you have a balance of content and aren’t just looking spammy or being counter-productive and goofing off.

What Tools Does HootSuite Offer?

There’s a vast array of social media management tools you can get with HootSuite> Some of what you can do with the best tools include:

  • Managing all social media profiles in once place.
  • Scheduling posts (either one by one, or in bulk)
  • Analytics for the response to every post (virility, clicks, etc)
  • Keyword data and popularity
  • Custom Performance Reports

These are just some of the key features that make HootSuite an awesome platform.

Why is HootSuite Good for Marketers?

Marketers have the (sometimes) daunting task of selling without seeming like they’re selling. The fact of the matter is, consumers are more educated than they once were and it’s not as simple as throwing links out and waiting for bites anymore. The days of “easy” selling are virtually over and with nearly every market being explored by everyone from millionaires to mom and pop, you have to really stand out in today’s marketplace.

How do you stand out? Simple. There’s one thing you have that no one else does, and that’s your personality. You have to connect with an audience and build trust for them to buy into you and your product and in this generation… the way to do that is through social media.

How to Use HootSuite for Marketing

Products like HootSuite make it easier for you to learn to be social and manage being social without spending your entire day on the computer chatting on Twitter or exploring Facebook. You can pre-plan and strategize every move, then track how that move worked for your business. Marketer beware though; while it’s extremely easy to manage your social media with HootSuite, you need to make sure that you’re actually connecting to your audience, and not just posting more links now that you have the power of automation.

How to Connect with Your Audience, Automate, and Maintain Your Sanity

So you might be asking, “How am I supposed to automate and avoid sounding like a robot?” Well, there are a few options.

1) Make sure that you’re automated posts are still in real, casual conversation. Social media isn’t a pitch, it’s a lunch amongst friends.
2) Use apps on your phone to respond to your social media interaction and make sure that you’re responsive when your customers engage with you. Spend ~5 minutes an hour interacting, that’s all it takes.
3) Offer links sparingly. You should have in the ball park of 90% conversation, 10% links (arguably).
4) Link to content that your audience wants, don’t talk about health food all day then market McDonalds.

Social media can be simple, it’s all about real world connection and building relationships. Don’t sell, engage.