Many people ask me, “What are some good WordPress plugins and themes for which Copywriters can use to make their lives easier?”. While there are some good themes, that’s another article for another time. I wanted to dedicate this article to talking about what is quite possibly the BEST WordPress plugin for Copywriters, and that is “Landing Pages”. As the name would imply this plugin allows you to quickly generate some amazing landing pages… let’s go over some of the sweet features you’ll enjoy (for free) when you download this plugin.

Why You Need A Great Plugin For Your Landing Pages

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Let’s face it, making your own landing pages can be a royal pain in the butt. If you’re like me, and know your Copywriting, but you have no graphic design skills whatsoever, than this plugin will be a dream come true for you. It will allow you to do all the key, important things that a Copywriter needs to do, both quickly, and easily. Let’s face it, we Copywriters just want to write… we can’t be bothered to do all that other stuff associated with running a profitable and successful Internet Marketing campaign… but that’s where WordPress Landing Pages comes in.

WordPress Landing Pages


1 The Timesaving Power…

Chances are, you don’t have the time to design your own beautifully stunning landing pages. Copywriting takes long enough as it is. With this plugin, you can quickly choose from one of the many templates available in order to start your split testing immediately. They’re also adding more and more templates every single day. On top of that, you can integrate this plugin with any other WordPress theme, so, if you see something you like, you can very quickly and easily use that as your theme, instead of any of the other themes provided within WP Landing Pages.

2 Track Your Conversions…

Unlike just about every other plugin I’ve seen, WordPress Landing Pages actually let’s you track your conversions. Obviously, if you’re a direct response marketer, than you know the value of this. Which template is working the best? Which headline is working the best? And which template/headline combination is working the best? Well, this will take out all of the guesswork so that you’ll know instantly what’s working, and what isn’t. All the statistics will be right there in front of you, so you can quickly axe what isn’t working, and start sending more traffic to what is.

3 View Changes Quickly…

The plugin also contains a visual editor, so you can watch everything change as you go along. This is really beautiful because you don’t have to punch in some code, and then just guess what the output is going to look like. It’s all right here. Oftentimes, you may find yourself making a change that looks good on paper (as in, within the code) but when you actually see it you realize it’s not so good looking, and you have to go back and change it. This will prevent that entirely, because you’ll be able to very quickly see what you did, before making too many changes.

4 Easy A/B Split-Testing, Without The high cost…

Usually, in order to do split testing, you need an expensive software, such as Optimizely, or Unbounce (covered in another article). While I still think those types of A/B Testing softwares are valuable, you can still do some of the same things with Landing Pages, but for free (though Optimizely and Unbounce will still save you a great deal of time while making the changes). You can quickly “clone” a landing page, so you have an exact replica, than make either one narrow change, or do some wide multi-variate testing, in order to see what’s working the best.

This is, in my opinion, the best plugin for running A/B split tests, within WordPress, and without expensive monthly software programs. While I’d advise advanced marketers to go for one of the pricier options for split testing, I think this is a great start for beginners who want to invest the money they have into getting more paid traffic, NOT into expensive split testing software programs. You’ll be able to see very quickly who the winner is of any split test you do, as it will clearly show you the total impressions, number of conversions, and overall conversion rate. On top of that, you’ll be able to see your total number of bounces, as well as your overall bounce rate as a percentage, so you’ll know right away which pages are turning people off, and which pages are getting them to stick. Super handy.