In this article, we’ll be going over ways in which you can find some great websites to acquire, which we can then either immediately sell for a decent profit, or hold onto for some long term income. There are many different ways in which an Online Marketer can gather a portfolio of money-producing websites, but here are just a few.


Building Your Own

One option of course, to getting websites that you can use as virtual real estate, is building your own. This is a relatively simple process, and all it requires is either a little bit of web design skill (with HTML and CSS), or the understanding of how to use a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla… and of course, a bit of SEO skill as well. This is a great place to start when you’re just learning how everything works, and you don’t have much of a budget. If you know SEO, then getting sites like these to rank in Google for a few profitable keywords is not that hard, and you can build a whole bunch of these little income generators. If you want, you can even sell them later to purchase a more established website that’s for sale, and then work on monetizing that. These don’t have to be big, complicated sites either, just a few simple pages with all the necessities for SEO will suffice.


Buying Websites For Sale

There are many places you can find good deals on websites. The largest marketplace online for buying and selling websites, as you may already know, is They offer some pretty great services, and, if you look around, you can usually get some pretty good deals there as well. In case you haven’t used it before, Flippa is essentially an auction site like eBay, but it’s solely dedicated to websites and domain names. A good tip is to try to find sites with “uglier” looking auctions, since the good-looking, professional ones, are usually also the pricier ones which are also getting the most bids.

Finding Sites In The SERP’s

Another great way to find websites even cheaper, is to just look for websites in a given niche using a search engine like Google. Just search for the keywords that are related to your niche, and look for websites that way. The type of sites that you want to look for, are generally small, ugly WordPress blogs for example, that have excellent search engine rankings, but, aren’t being monetized in any way (ideally). You also want to make sure that these blogs haven’t been updated recently (a little harder to do with the Freshness update, admittedly) and of course, the fewer pages they have, the less dedicated to this blog the person was, which means, the less likely it is that they’ll feel attached to it, and the more likely it is that they’ll be willing to sell it to you for a great price.

If you find a site that matches this criteria, the next step is to contact these people, and begin talking about the site. You can either use the contact forms provided on their websites, OR, you can use a whois directory, like to find these people’s information. If they have no contact forms on their websites, AND nothing listed in the whois directories, then there’s no way you can contact them, so just move on.

However, if they do, you can reach out to them, and ask them questions like “Are you still updating this site?”, and “How much revenue is it generating?” (in most cases, it’s not getting any revenue, and so you can scoop it up dirt cheap, and then monetize its already existing traffic very easily). This is far more time-consuming than just finding websites to buy on a site like Flippa, but especially in the beginning when you may have a low budget, you can really score some amazing deals using this method.


The Option Option

Another great way you can find sites, even really expensive ones, is to search on or on Google for expensive sites (that may normally be out of your price range) and simply talk to the owner about putting an “option” on them. An option will give you the right to buy a site for a specific price within a specific period of time. So for instance, if you find a site that has excellent SEO rankings, but the owner wants $10,000, which is more than you can afford, then you can put an option on that website, giving you the “option” to buy that site for the $10k within 90 days. Then, let’s say you find someone who’s willing to purchase the site for $12.5k, you can then get the $12.5k from the buyer, use $10k of it to buy it from the seller, and then give that site to the buyer, while you just basically acted as the middle-man, and you pulled in a nice $2.5k profit, with very little work on your part. A nice way to make good money, just by doing the selling part.