If you’ve been basing your business on traffic from the search engines for a while, specifically Google, you know all too well the type of effort it takes. And not only does it take effort, but wild cards like the Penguin and Panda updates have become every search-engine-dependent entrepreneurs worst nightmare.

People are still making money – of course they are. After all, Google isn’t magic. Every system has its chinks in the armor, and smart SEOs constantly search for these chinks and make the most of them when they find them.

The name of the game has been to simply realize that it’s not the free-for-all it once was. That in order to rank you’ve got to constantly work at it, as well as be willing to put in the effort to change your website and linking strategies to suit the next Google algorithms.

It makes sense, but is that really the smartest, most effective way to do business online?

an uphill battle

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A Teetering, Tottering Basket Full of Eggs

Surely, you’ve heard the age-old idiom, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” and forward thinkers have been saying that for a long time about businesses that depend on Google.

With the state of these algorithm changes, which don’t always make sense and sometimes affect the income streams of very credible, quality-focused websites, this in particular is one giant, teetering basket to trust with all of your eggs.

The Big Picture is (or Should be) Your Business

The bottom line is this – ranking can be very lucrative, sure, but if all you do is focus on traffic and that’s what eats up all your time and energy, that isn’t much of a business, is it? It’s sounds more like gaming the system and holding on for dear life until the payout dries up and forces you to move on.

What you should really be doing is focusing on building a long-term business. Yeah, a stream of traffic can very well help you market that business, but it shouldn’t be the be-all, end-all of your voice…online or off.

A Business That Doesn’t “Need” Google

If you want to build a real business, you need to think about diversifying your vocabulary to include more terms than “search engine optimization” and “Penguin update.” You need to learn terms like “online community” and “brand.” “Social media marketing” and “diversified traffic streams.”

You need to create a presence that sticks, and then if Google goes away or decides it hates you, you’ll see a decrease in revenues, but you’ll at least have the opportunity to re-allocate your marketing budget and try something new instead of throwing in the cards completely or studying the Big G’s new armor to find another chink and start over again.

In other words, you should want Google traffic – because, after all, it certainly doesn’t hurt – but you should never “need” Google traffic.

Only then can you say your taking your business seriously…