It gets old, doesn’t it?

Writing and writing and writing, hoping the cumulative effort will eventually build up and start to snowball. But no matter how much you tweak your on-site SEO, no matter how many links you toss out into the world wide web, and no matter how fabulous your content, your website is a no-man’s land.

You open it up and you can almost hear the crickets chirping.

And don’t you sometimes feel like you’re on a fool’s errand? There used to be a time when you could win at blogging just by playing the game. That was back before having your own blog was as common as having a cell phone, but times have changed.

All those original bloggers – they’re banking now. But the guys just getting started, like you, well, you can’t help but wonder if you’ve just come a little too late to the game sometimes…

And that sucks.

But the Game Isn’t Over Yet!

Yeah, sure, making money with your blog isn’t quite as easy as it used to be, and just being online isn’t enough to get heard. But there are ways to tap directly into overflowing traffic streams and get eyeballs to your site immediately.


Well, for starters, how about teaming up with the early adopters who got in the game before you? The ones who’ve already paid their dues and built their audiences.

While “teaming up” might seem beyond reality for you at the moment, it’s easier than you think thanks to guest blogging. Maybe not “push a button and get a shot of sugar” easy but a “work your butt off in the right direction and great things will happen” kind of easy…

But There’s a Real Challenge With Guest Blogging Too…

Guest blogging can do wonders for your traffic, and authorities are strapped for time, so they need the content. But all those wannabe IM’ers who had their dreams dashed by the last chain of Google updates…

Well, they’re wannabe guest bloggers now too.

So, thanks to them swarming down on the guest pages of big sites like a mass of dirty flies, it’s a bit harder to get noticed than it was before – big site owners are turning guest pitches away in droves. All out ignoring them in a lot of cases.

No Guest Posts

If you’re a good writer and Jedi-mind trickster, however, you can squeeze in the back door.

Here’s how.

4 Tips for Getting on the Radar of Authority Blog Owners

Here are some healthy relationship-building strategies you might want to think about.

1. Become a Comment Queen

Comments can seem like a waste of energy. You watch some of these places and people spend as much time on them as they do on Facebook.

But it can be a way to connect with a blogger you’re following. Because the best bloggers do read their comments, and if you post while the article is still fresh, there is a good chance they’ll see it.

I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill “Great article – write another one” type comments either. I’m talking about well thought-out responses that maybe take 30 minutes to an hour to write and actually add value to the post (without disagreeing with it).

Blog Comments

It may take a small handful before you see results, but good comments can even get a direct invitation to blog.

2. Find Out Where They Spend Their Time

The biggest authorities got there and stay there because they actively study marketing, and their niche. You should not only be doing the same, but if you want to connect with the bigwigs, find out which membership programs and forums they participate in and consider becoming a member.

This increases the likelihood of you connecting dramatically.

3. Find Out Who Their friends Are

Yeah, I know it.

We’re getting to the stalker level here, but hey, if you want to succeed in this biz, I guess you gotta be a little creepy.

The internet is more than just a place for people to talk and pitch products; it’s no different than any other business platform in the world. Most of the people at the top are far from alone – they socialize and joint venture and promote each other on a regular basis.

So, who does this particular authority talk about a lot? Who guests on their blog (frequently) and whose blog do they guest on?

Figure out who they respect and work with, and if these targets are easier to connect with, build relationships with them first. Name-dropping can go a long ways when it comes to pitching, and if you get in good enough with the friend, you can ask for an introduction.

4. Pay Them for Their Time

Many of these authorities offer their own private programs or one-on-one coaching slots. Can you think of a better way to get noticed than getting on the phone with them? Or by taking their advice and running with it?

Mentor Program

Your Content is NOT the Key to Top Guest Blogging Spots

Of course, it’s important to produce great content once you step up to the podium, but the real key to landing those top spots is your relationship-building strategies – that’s where your initial focus should lie.

And therein also lies the reason you really can’t afford to take it lightly. Because it’s not just a marketing tactic – it’s your online reputation. You’re trying to become well-known in this niche, and the influential blog owners are the people that will make this happen.

So don’t take them lightly. And don’t expect them to take you seriously if you don’t even take yourself seriously.

Aim all the social intelligence you can muster at your target. That way you have a chance of actually hitting it.

Only then can you get your voice in front of the masses.