For B2B business, LinkedIn is an often overlooked source of gain traffic to your website, as there are millions of searches performed on LinkedIn. Yet, relatively few have optimized their profile so they get found easily for the keywords that matter to them. In their defense, LinkedIn does prompt one to create a very limited and resume-like profile. The good news is that breaking out of this is easy, as LinkedIn profile optimization is surprisingly simple and effective. Best of all, it can be done in six steps.

LinkedIn Headline Optimization

1 Re-write Your Headline

You know what they say about first impressions, and your headline is just that. Most people put up their title there, but “owner” may not mean much to someone looking for something specific, like what it is that you actually do. While it may feel like your title should go next to your name, think again, as it’s even called the “headline.” So spice it up and think of what someone who’s looking for you, and the skills you possess, would be searching for.

2 Summarize About Your Specialization

The summary is the second area where you’ll want to make sure your keywords are showing up. The formula I like to use to help clients create a nice summary is simply to state the following:

  • Who you help
  • What you help them with
  • How you help them

So this can go along the lines of, “I help –target market—with –what you help with—by –how you help them–.”

It’s a good idea to tell a bit of your story, in this section, as well.

3 You Got Skills – List Them

Listing your skills in the “skills and expertise” section is important because not only will the keywords be recognized in this section, but the endorsements act as social proof, if and when your contacts endorse you for your skills. This is great when prospects find you and there are a bunch of endorsements listed here.

4 Experience Matters

Don’t shy away from your experience, especially if any of it can translate into what you do today. Be sure to include your keywords in the titles and descriptions, but don’t overdo it – that goes for the whole profile. You can now also list projects and publications, so if you’ve published anything or have done some freelance projects, these things can be listed and any instance of the keywords will boost your profile.

Revisiting your LinkedIn profile to optimize It is a simple and easy way to create a new source of contacts and traffic. As other social networks change course and cool off, LinkedIn remains the professional powerhouse, so take advantage now.