If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a site that has taken a significant foothold in the world of online marketing. This site is “Fiverr” – Fiverr started out as an easy and mini-marketplace where you could buy almost anything for five dollars. It still sort of works like that. You essentially sign up and you can buy anything from hundreds of different categories for $5.00. However, they’ve since added the ability for the sellers to offer upgrades to their $5 service. It’s basically a marketplace of freelancers that will do specific tasks at very low prices.

popular Fiverr categories

Why Do People Work So Cheap on Fiverr?

The first question I asked when I saw Fiverr and the first question a lot of people ask is why people are working so cheap there. I mean, is five bucks really worth a video intro, testimonial, or anything else on Fiverr? The answer to this is wide and it totally varies from person to person. However, in most cases, people do this to build their portfolio and get some quick cash.

With average priced items, a lot of times not everyone can afford to buy them, which results in less customers. With Fiverr, you’ve got much lower prices but way more customers because almost anyone can spare a five dollar bill.

The Varied Categories That The Site Has To Offer

So, what exactly can you get on Fiverr? The answer to that question is not very cut and dry. It’s slightly complicated. You can get anything from Santa Claus doing a video for you, to a cheap graphic for your site, to some audio or video intro work.

Some of the more popular categories are as follows:

  • Graphics and Design: eBook covers, Facebook post images, social media profile branding, blog post images, logos, etc.
  • Programming and Tech: Essentially like having a “developer” as a friend who does little odds and ends and mods for super cheap. Things like minor coding changes (for example: formatting, placement, etc) are a breeze here.
  • Video and Animation: This is a great place to get video testimonials, intro videos (for things like YouTube Channels), random funny / bizarre videos, as well as minor video editing.
  • Audio: One of the most used categories, you can get custom jingles, voiceovers, and even narration recordings.
  • Marketing: This is most helpful if you’re trying to get followers and subscribers with your social media profiles. Some people offer to RT (retweet) or post something promoting you on their Twitter profile (for example) so that you can get a new group of followers. Please be wary about this, as there’s no guarantee these are completely legitimate followers.

How People Are Making Money When They’re Offering Services So Cheap

A lot of people who know the industry well are making money on tasks that take them 5 minutes, but might take you something like an hour. For example, a lot of the people making video intros are using templates and it takes very little time to customize the template to meet your needs; whereas if you tried to do the same thing yourself, it could take much longer.

In a nutshell… when should you use Fiverr?

You should use Fiverr when you’re looking for something that requires very little effort and attention from a pro but would be significantly harder for you.

Other reasons to use Fiverr include:

  • Boost your numbers in a pinch. (Twitter followers, Facebook likes, etc.) Remember, people go where the people are.
  • Get a quick job done like an eBook cover, blog post photo, etc.
  • Get expert help on small changes in your layout, site, etc.
  • Quick side jobs that might otherwise require a VA.

Fiverr can be extremely useful for both the freelancer trying to build their portfolio and for the small business owner looking to get stuff done on a budget. As with anything though, be smart about your choices to buy and sell, and remember, you’re paying just five dollars (in most cases).