There are a lot of security plugins out there for WordPress, but most fail to address the basic needs that we need to feel secure 24/7. One of the basic security / hacking principles is that you can’t fully protect your site/blogs from attacks, but what you can do is be pro-active and install mechanisms that will inform you as soon as something suspicious happens on your site/blog

One of the best plugin that addresses this issue is Triagis: 

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Receive Security Messages When You Most Need Them And Not When It’s Already Too Late

The plugin is fully compatible with WordPress 3.6 and PHP 5.x and the key feature is that it will email you as soon as suspicious things start to happen. Now you may wonder, is it going to spam me with messages whenever a tiny bot visits my site? No, it’s fully customizable and you can configure WHEN you receive message – this can be

  • When someone from an unknown IP logs into your WordPress blog (you can whitelist your own IP using a dynamic IP address tool like
  • When someone manages to change your theme files
  • When someone activates a plugin
  • When someone tries a brute-force log-in method, hammering your login form with a dictionary attack

Scan Posts For Malware Before It’s Too Late

Triagis is currently the only security plugin on the market that allows you to scan your blog for malware using lists provided by Triagis Ltd. or your own lists. This really makes it the best security plugin for WordPress for 2013 out there – no other plugin allows you to compile your own blacklist and malware lists and scan your blog.  

Full Visitor Log / Block IP’s

Another reason why Triagis is the best WordPress plugin to keep your blog secure is that it includes a visitor log feature – you can see what useragents and bots access your blog

Block IP addresses

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What do you think about Triagis – we would like to hear what you have to say in the comments below. What makes a security plugin an essential pick for you?