From time to time, we are reporting breaking news here on – today is such a day. Google’s Adsense program usually updates their statistics quite frequently, but it seems today their stats are delayed and your earnings and impressions seem to be “stuck”

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Picture: Adsense 10-year anniversary – time to celebrate or are you frustrated with your earnings? Let us know in the comments

This has happened numerous times before – to verify that you are affected by this delay, make sure to compare your page impressions. Usually, you can tell that the statistics are delayed by looking at the page impressions – if you have followed your stats for some time you should know at what time you receive the most impressions. If your stats say you currently have 3,000 page impressions but on a “normal” day you have like 25,000 impressions by this time, it’s very obvious. 

Problems With Your Server?

However, sometimes there could be a problem with your server: If no one else is reporting a delay you should start inspecting your server. If you are stressed by this, feel free to come back any time to our website and we will from now on keep you posted on delays that we experience. You can also browse the official Google forums and will most likely find a few topics on Adsense stats delays. 

Let us know if you noticed a drop in Adsense revenue this month or if you have seen an increase. Google is currently busy changing and optimizing the default ads right now, so it is normal if you see some fluctuations this week 

Case Study

All the best with your Adsense revenues today and in the coming weeks! Read through our case study article to increase your Adsense revenues