In the last article, we talked about how to build an Long-Term Online business, what that meant, and, if you’re into CPA and/or Lead Generation, exactly how that’s done. Today, we’re going to be looking at other alternatives for building a long term business online, specifically, what to do if you’re interested in marketing digital products, and some ways to do it effectively to build a successful business online. I’ll reiterate, you can build a business “long-term” with pretty much any form of online marketing, however, some are better than others…

If you missed the previous article you might want to read that one first: Part 1 “Lead Generation”

Advantages Of Digital Products and ClickBank

So, when many Internet Marketers get online, they determine that they want to market digital products? Why? Well, there’s digital delivery, there’s no manufacturing involved, and so, there’s a very high percentage of commission that’s offered on digital products, compared to physical ones. Of course, this is a HUGE draw for Internet Marketers. When you can get 50, 75, or even 100% commission on a product, it seems CRAZY not to market it, doesn’t it? But, how are digital products as a long-term business, really?

While there is a certain draw to these products, there are also certain problems with them as well, that make it harder to sustain a long-term business. For one, people don’t just buy NEARLY as many information products as they do physical products. Why? Well, for one, with a physical product, you’re getting something solid, which you know has some intrinsic value. Not so, with information products, where the value is very subjective. Also, most people just want to be entertained, and learning from info products is generally not extremely entertaining, so most people don’t even go for them at all. On top of that, many of them take a little while to go through, and usually people are only reading or watching through one product at a time, before they go to the next, which means, of course, that they’re buying these products less frequently.

Last but not least, there’s also relatively few of these products in general compared to physical products. If you compare the number of products available to market on Amazon, vs. the number of products available to market on ClickBank, there’s really no comparison, and yet, there’s still countless affiliate marketers marketing these e-books, as opposed to physical products. So, all these reasons combined, make it much more difficult to get a successful campaign using an information product from a site like ClickBank. So, if you’re really interested in marketing info products, than, do you have an alternative?

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Alternative 1: Info Marketing – Sell What You Know

One great alternative to affiliate marketing on ClickBank, is to actually create your own Information Marketing business, that is, create YOUR OWN information products. Most people have something that they’re an expert in, why not create a product that teaches it to others? The advantages to this approach are many in number, especially those looking to create a long-term profitable business. First of all, did you ever wonder why some information marketers offer 100% affiliate commissions on their products? It’s because they know that with each sale on the front-end, they’ll be able to make twice as much money in back-end sales. THIS is not an option usually available to affiliates. Also, you can afford to spend more per click in your marketing campaigns, because you’re getting 100% of all the profits on all front-end and back-end sales.

Another huge advantage of having your own product lines? Affiliates. The same thing that was a disadvantage before, is now a huge advantage for you. If you have a great product, and it converts reasonably well, then affiliates will flock to it, and do a lot (or all) of the selling for you. This means of course, that you’re not always marketing on your own dime, and people will automatically scale up and help sustain your business over the long-term for you. There are tons of affiliates looking for info products to market, and if you have an excellent back-end sales funnel, you can offer them appealing commissions, such as 100%, and still make a fortune off each and every sale yourself.

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Alternative 2: Membership Software – Charge On A Monthly Basis

Another long-term alternative to info product affiliate marketing, is of course, software. Software always has a high perceived value, and, if you find a software that many consumers need, and has a monthly membership attached to it, even better. Now, I’m not talking about your run of the mill tiny WordPress plugin, no, but a real, legitimate software, that either businesses or consumers need, and, would be willing to pay for over and over on a monthly basis. Being an affiliate for a company that offers something like that can be very profitable in the long-run, because, you only need to get someone to sign up once, and then, they’ll keep putting money into your pocket each and every month. If you get several of these campaigns going, money will start to flow in effortlessly from several different products all giving you a nice monthly revenue… so, it can build up very quickly.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed Part 2 of this series… In the third part, we’ll examine some more ways to build a long-term business on the net.