Can a Pinterest-friendly WordPress site boost up your traffic? The main reason why a Pinterest-like page is welcome to WordPress is that the former has been the fastest growing website in the history of the web, with 11 million users gained in a matter of months in 2012. So it stands to reason that a success like this should be emulated by whoever wants a positive outcome from their online experience.

Liquid Magazine



A key point that Pinterest has made, in this age of easy accessibility, is that of maximum facility. Sharing links and images is a matter of a single click, and the pool of information one can display about oneself grows incredibly fast. Virtually every user becomes a database, and one that can easily turn into source of inspiration for others, without posing any threats to one’s privacy.

Creativity brings success to Pinterest

Pinterest is visual, and that is the first point of attraction for most web surfers. To users who are running a business that wants to have real presence online, this website offers the possibility of constructing a base of followers quite rapidly, provided they display images about themselves and their business that are attractive, unique, and refreshing. In general, traffic is encouraged by those sites where creativity is at the maximum, and Pinterest ticks the boxes necessary for this to happen.

Moreover, the site is optimized to play well on any screen size and on both iOS and android tablets and smartphones.It is, for this reason, almost inescapable. Facts are also on the side of Pinterest. Its users are thought to be spending more time on this site than on Facebook; and that is quite an achievement. Probably this is why Pinterest generates more sales than Facebook, which obviously makes it the first choice for many a business person online.

Some examples of WordPress themes that emulate Pinterest

The Pinterest model has already become extremely popular and easily recognizable. So of course a design that imitates the boxed display of Pinterest has more chances to succeed. This is why it is worth trying to import and install some of the Pinterest-lookalikes made available by WordPress. Shaken Grid is a theme that follows very closely in the steps of Pinterest.

Pinterest Design


Created by Shaken and Stirred a WordPress-dedicated provider of themes, Shaken Grid features what they call “minimal post template.” This turns the emphasis from text to image (the trademark of Pinterest) and makes possible the publishing, under these conditions, of entire galleries which don’t require the visitor to move away from the main page (unless, of course, they want to have an enlarged version of the image under scrutiny). The cellular design, with posts boxed individually so as to emphasize their uniqueness, is what Shaken Grid has borrowed most successfully from Pinterest. This makes for easy visualization of content and also for facility in sharing the content posted on the blog. So if you are interested in boosting up your traffic you might look into this design or its cognates, such as Liquid Magazine, by Theme Forest which is also organized on a grid principle for maximization of content display and accessibility.

Imbalance 2, created by WP Shower is a personal choice. It allows for excellent display of artworks and can even be turned into an online magazine, due to the visual impact of its minimalist design and the simple and cleverly built menu bar. Once again, circulation of content is facilitated by the design, and viewers are encouraged to stop by because of the attractive layout.

Pinterest traffic


All these examples, taken from Padd Solutions where more such themes are presented, are made to facilitate link and image sharing: the exact same thing you need too if you want visitors in big numbers. So giving your blog a WordPress theme that emulates the layout of Pinterest is a marriage made in heaven: it will last long and will attract a lot of visitors.