If you are a running a server it is often important to know what version you are using, 32-bit or 64-bit. Here are multiple ways to determine that

CentOS 7 is here! If you are upgrading your server you need to know what version you are running first. Here are 2 reliable methods.
Centos7 Is Here

Method 1: “Uname”

One way to determine what version you are using is to simply enter the command uname -a

Enter this into a shell:

uname -a

A shell is a connection via a SSH terminal, the most common tool on Windows is Putty. On Linux you can simply use the terminal for that.

Result: i686 => 32-Bit CentOS

If you enter it and get this back: i686, then you are on a 32-bit server
I686 Kernel 32 Bit Centos.png

Result: x86_64 => 64-Bit CentOS

But if you get this back x86_64, it is a 64-bit server
64 Bit Centos.png

Method 2 More Reliable: getconf

The 2nd method I recommend is getconf:

getconf LONG_BIT

Enter this into a shell and you will get either 32 or 64.

This is the most reliable method I know and will directly deliver what you have been asking for. Neat!

Know of any other good methods? Let us know in the comments.