Server utilities are a great way to make your life as a webmaster easier. Have you ever wanted to see the progress of “cp, mv or tar” processes, here’s your answer


Make sure to install cc:

yum install cc

Also, you will need git on your system, we will have a git tutorial on our site shortly.

Installing The Utility: CV

The utlity we use is called CV – short for coreutils viewer.

1. I assume you have git on your server, so go into a directory where you store your scripts and downloads and let’s clone CV:

cd /root/scripts

Clone the git:

git clone

Git Clone Cv.png

2. Now, we will use make to build this, but first cd into the directory

cd ./cv

Then run make

make && make install

Make Cv Progress Viewer.png

You should see gcc compiling this and installing cv to /usr/local/bin.

3. You are done!

Let’s Give It A Try

According to the readme it can monitor cp, mv, dd, tar, gzip/gunzip, cat and many other operations.

It can also monitor your apache processes, which I found most useful. This works like this where -c accepts command names like httpd, firefox, mysql, etc

cv -c httpd

To watch all instances of “core” operations, try this:

watch cv -q