With all these Google updates and the constant bickering on the web between SEOs about which search engine optimization techniques still work these days, the whole ranking issue is becoming a headache…and a house of cards, at that. When it really comes down to the nuts and bolts, however, it really isn’t that difficult to understand. Google has goals in mind for their search engine. If you keep those goals in mind, you can see that algorithms like Penguin and Panda are nothing more than efforts to step a bit closer to those goals.

It’s a good revelation to keep in mind, but beyond that, what can you do today to keep your website in line with the times? Here are three simple tips that any marketer can implement, no matter what their level of SEO sophistication.

SEO 2013

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1. Keep it Original

Panda is notorious for penalizing sites with duplicate content, whether that content was on the same site or scraped from others, and it makes sense – you don’t like getting a ton of results after a search query that are all the same, and neither does anyone else. Rehashed content is the bane of the web, especially considering that the rehashing often dilutes the original message due to the rehashers not having a clue about what they’re saying.

Here’s a novel concept – become an authority on your subject and present original ideas in an original way.

2. Keep it Constant

While you want to stop saying the same things over and over again, a constant supply of content still does well in the search engines. In fact, many online marketers that have never even worried about SEO – perhaps even avoided the subject altogether – report a ton of traffic from long-tail keyword strings as long as they keep adding articles to their site.
Just make sure to follow all the other tips and make that content worthy of a read and worth of a ranking.

3. Keep it Real

This is a question I ask a lot, and I’ll ask it again – are you running a get-rich-quick money machine or a business? Those wannabe money machines had their day, but everyone knew that day would end. These days, Google rewards real businesses connected to real people because that’s what searchers want.

How can you lend your site authority? Add your physical address, if applicable. Relevant contact info. Connect with Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn – just not in a spammy, cheesy way. Link to professional organizations you belong to.

Localization is important too these days and could justify an entire article on its own. Local SEO is the key as well as proper use of Google Places and other localized tools. Be sure to cultivate reviews from happy customers.

These are some good guidelines to start with, but we’re not done yet. Be sure to check out our next article with some more Post-Panda ranking tips.