Twitter has become a reliable source of traffic for many websites, due to the reach and viral nature of the network. As such, retweet’s have become a valuable source of viral traffic that exposes other users followers to your contact. A retweet lends a new audience to your message in this aspect is one of the reasons that you should always be striving to get your tweets retweeted. Here we will examine five different ways to get or to increase the odds of getting retweeted.

Keep It Short To Leave Space

The first thing to keep in mind when looking to get retweeted is that you want to keep enough room in your tweet so that others can retweet and include a note of their own, if they prefer. Since many Twitter users still use “RT” instead of native retweet function, it’s important to leave that space so your message does not get truncated.

Ask for the Retweet


Next, be sure to actually go ahead and ask for the retweet. Include the actual word “retweet” or “RT.” By doing so it’s a call to action for your followers, and it is been proven that asking for a re-tweet gets results. While you may prefer the retweet over getting your tweet favorite, this call to action towels someone who likes your content what to do.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are in easy way to tap into the conversation that’s already happening on Twitter. Leverage hashtags and the crowd that’s already engaged with the topic that you’re addressing in your tweet. By including the hashtag you’re increasing the odds that people who are interested in what you’re talking about will see it. When they do wind up seeing your tweet, there now is a better chance that they will actually retweet.

Mention Other Twitter Users With Strong Followings

By mentioning a Twitter user who has a large follower base, you do two things: First, by actually mentioning the user, that user will be notified of your tweet and there’s always the possibility that they will either reply or, in the ideal world, the retweet. Secondly, a user with a strong and dedicated following is often a user that gets searched. If someone searches for the user that you’re mentioning, there’s now an increased visibility of your tweet. Greater visibility means increased opportunity for getting a retweet, especially if you tweet is complementary of or supportive of the user you’re mentioning.

Be the Voice of a Passionate Crowd

Passion is obviously very powerful. If your tweet is focused on a topic that has passionate supporters, you certainly increase the odds of getting retweet. At same time, if you’re tweeting about a topic we’re passion is involved, be advised that sometimes you’ll hear from the other side of the coin. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t engage this crowd, but just to be aware.