I can’t stop shaking my head in disbelief what non-sense some doctors are promoting on TV. Here are some supplements and foods that could actually be detrimental to your health and business.

Omega 3 Detrimental To Health

1 The Case Against Omega 3

A common recommendation you will hear is to take Omega-3 because a great deal of people suffer from Omega-3 deficiency – this is a wrongful generalization. Omega-3 fatty acids compete with Zinc and Vitamin B6 in your body. That means if you are either Zinc or Vitamin B6 deficient you will have bad reactions to Omega3. And coincidentally, a lot of people are zinc deficient due to a leaky gut or other gut problems.

2 The Case Against Folic Acid

Folic acid, also known as Vitamin B9, is often recommended by doctors and TV shows. Why? Because it supports production of red blood cells. This is especially important if you have an office job and don’t move around a lot to get your blood flowing. However, folic acid is a great example of a very poor recommendation for nearly everyone. As a matter of fact, many people may have excessive folate in their bodies and react very poorly to this supplement. In those cases taking folic acid can lead to severe depression. But even if you have no history of depression or no excessive folate levels, you should avoid folic acid and instead take ‘real’ folate (methyl B9).

Difference between folic acid and folate

3 The Case Against Nuts

Nuts are supposed to be healthy. Unfortunately, a lot of people with an office job develop a leaky gut. In that case, nuts can further damage your gut linen. However, one particular nut mostly has mono-unsaturated fats and may cause less inflammation than other nuts: Macademia. So if you want a healthy snack and really have to have some nuts, go with macademia. They’re more expensive but have a lot of great amino acids to stay sharp.

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4 The Case For Self-Treatment

With the upcoming TTIP deal, I see a lot more health woes coming to Europe and other parts of the world due to the increased consumption of GMO foods. But how goes the saying, it has to get worse before it gets better. Consumers are increasingly treating and educating themselves, because the traditional healthcare system never treats underlying problems and patients are tired of the excuses of the antique healthcare system. We have the technology, knowledge and capability to make every human being on this planet perfectly healthy, but we don’t – why? Because there is too much money invested. A blind man can see the conflict of interest and yet I see no politician raising a finger. They’re all getting bribed? We are literally living in the medieval ages of the ‘modern’ healthcare system.

5 The Case For Amino Acids And Betaine

I would specifically recommend researching amino acids and betaine. Betaine HCL is probably *the* most underappreciated supplement in modern medicine. Not only is it a great methyl-donor, it’s also one of the cheapest way to cure indigestion, constipation and food allergies, something most office workers can tell a tale about.  You may only want to avoid it if you have problems with too much stomach acid or reflux problems. That’s when you can consider actual medicine, because that appears to be one thing they have mastered in over 100 years: Block acid creation.

Of course Betaines’ properties are refuted on mainstream healthcare websites, but what do you expect when something as powerful as this is still available on the market

Betaine hydrochloride is also used to treat abnormally low levels of potassium(hypokalemia), hay fever, “tired blood” (anemia), asthma, “hardening of the arteries” (atherosclerosis), yeast infections, diarrhea, food allergies, gallstones, inner ear infections, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and thyroid disorders. It is also used to protect the liver. Source

Aside from Betaine, you should look into the various amino acids. Some of the most powerful amino acids for the nervous and immune system are L-Lysine and L-Arginine. I am also fond of L-Theanine as a supplement for clarity and mental focus (as part of green tea or a green tea extract).



If you have a stressful office job, health is a top priority. Although Omega3, Folic Acid and Nuts can be great additions to your diet, they can often cause a lot of harm in certain individuals, especially if they suffer from a leaky gut, hereditary diseases, methylation issues or gene defects. Gene defects are more common than you think, it is best to get tested for possible defects via 23andme. Better safe and educated than sorry. 

I have read over 500 studies on PubMed to learn everything about nutrition to know what I personally have to take to be at my best. If you don’t have that time for that, go see a natural health practitioner. It’s expensive, but they are professionals that most often know what they are talking about, just don’t buy into homeopathy, that’s mostly placebo. If you want to properly treat nutritional deficits, don’t go to a general physician, they usually know very little about it and even lack the basic understanding.

In my experience, just about every illness and ailment is curable with proper nutrition. The established pharma corporations are still trying hard to sell you prescription drugs, but the world is changing. The pharma industry is dying as fast as McDonalds, they just don’t know it yet. In a few years, natural health practitioners and general physicians will work hand-in-hand. Corporations like Pfizer, Novartis and Co will only be a shadow of their former selves and will hopefully be state-owned rather than corrupt institutions that give a damn about you and your health.

Useful Resources For Business Owners

As a business owner you have to endure a lot of crap and so does your body. That’s why you should be actively engaged in health and lifestyle communities.

One great resource is BulletproofExec but there are plenty of other good resources and communities.

Stay sharp fellow founders and webmasters.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, this information is for informational purposes only. Consult a licensed natural health practitioner if you want to learn more about nutrition, methylation and how it may affect you.