In typical Facebook fashion, an all-new version of insights is slowly being rolled out to a very select few at this point. While there is not a whole lot of talk on this topic yet, this looks to be a significant update to Insights. Facebook indicated, in the upgrade announcement, that this was done to clarify their metrics and make it easier to understand how pages are performing.

The user interface is one of the big redesigns that’s being rolled out. In many ways it’s more than cosmetic because it deals with the actual utility of the information that is being provided. At the same time, there is also an overhaul of the look and feel of the Insights layout.

Updated Facebook Insights

There are now three primary sections in Insights. Here’s an overview of each.


1 Page

This section is comprised of information about the growth of your audience and their interaction with the page. The information that’s delivered in this section is very useful, and it’s broken down into three sections: Page Likes, Post Reach and Page visits.

2 Posts

The next section is entirely devoted to information about the content posted to the Page. It covers All Posts, When Your Fans are Online and the Best Post Types. We see brand new information in this section that does not exist in the current Insights.

3 People

The People section provides a fascinating comparison of your Page’s audience with the general Facebook population. This is then sub-categorized by Your Fans, People Reached and People Engaged.

The new Facebook Insights improves upon the current version by making data more immediately understandable and usable by providing Insights that deliver to the demographics where messages are received, as well as comparing information with the demographic information of your entire follower base. This is excellent information to help Facebook page owners truly refined messaging to target specifically for the user base.

The update also includes simple, and necessary, modifications such as making selecting a date range in a report much easier that it has been. As well as more advanced intelligence, like Facebook insights telling you which of your posts are best and the supporting information that allowed for that determination to be made. This type of true intelligence is something that can be simply gleaned, the feedback can be considered and you can apply direct changes in how you talk to your audience.

While I must admit that stats and reporting doesn’t sound all that to really on the surface, it’s easy to see how this update to Facebook insights could have fast and practical application to improving your page in return getting better results from your social efforts on Facebook.