If you have a Facebook Page, I’m guessing that you’re searching for ways to grow the number of fans at your page. If for no other reason than social proof, as it’s more likely for new people to like your page if you have 7,000 fans, rather than 17. There are many reasons that having a big following can boost your business, but many businesses hit a plateau, where they feel like they’re not growing their following anymore. This is particularly true, if your business is B2B where things such as contests aren’t as effective or appropriate as in a B2C setting.

To be clear, I’m not going to encourage you to go to Fiverr.com to buy a few thousand likes; in fact, I’ll strongly recommend against that, since those are typically phony likes and it will actually damage the effectiveness of the messages you post, since Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm pays close attention not only to the number of likes you have, but of the amount of interactions that your fans have with you. So gaming the system is definitely not the answer.

Instant B2B Targeted Facebook Promotion

Instead, I recommend promoting your brand’s message by inviting that already targeted professional demographic that you’ve developed. That is, inviting your LinkedIn connections, assuming you’re setup on LinkedIn. (If you’re not and you’re in B2B, then setting up a profile and getting connected should be your focus.)

How To Get Your LinkedIn Contacts to Your Facebook Page

This process is actually fairly straightforward, but you need to know where and how to navigate both LinkedIn and your Facebook Page, which I’ll demonstrate here.

Exporting Your LinkedIn Contacts

To export your LinkedIn contacts, simply login at Linkedin.com and navigate to the Network tab, then the sub-menu will show Contacts.

LinkedIn Connections Settings

Then, in the next screen underneath Advanced Settings click where it says, Export LinkedIn Connections.

Leave the default setting for the export file, which will be Microsoft Outlook (.csv file)

You’ll be prompted to complete a captcha, then the file will automatically download. The downloaded file that has your LinkedIn contacts will be named, linkedin_connections_export_microsoft_outlook.csv. Most likely it will appear in your default download folder.

Inviting the Contacts to Like Your Facebook Page

The last step will be to invite your LinkedIn contacts to like you’re Facebook page. This can be done in just a few simple clicks.

Login to Facebook and go to the Admin Panel of your Facebook Page. Towards the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see Build Audience — click on that button, then choose the option to “Invite Email Contacts.”

The first option will be to upload a file. Simply click on that, and follow the steps.

This will bring you to the final steps. You’ll have the option to select all of your contacts to invite them to your Facebook Page, or you can hand select them from the list.

The last step will be to simply preview the invitation message that will be sent out, agree to the terms at the bottom of the screen and click the “send” button. Like that, an invite will be sent out to all of your business contacts over at LinkedIn.

Why Connect on Facebook Also?

This is a reasonable question, but an important point to make. Since most people give Facebook much more time and attention than any other social network, there’s significant power in the contacts beginning to see you and your business alongside their friends and family. If your customers, clients and prospects can begin to see you as a bit more of a friend than just a business relationship, there are positive implications that bodes well for future business interactions.