In this article we will show you what you have to do to stay ahead of the competition in your niche, how to organize yourself and promote your niche website more effectively

You saw Parts 1, 2 and 3 yeah? If not, here are the links to the previous tutorials:


What’s happening in your niche?

Stay immersed in your niche daily. Make the reading of blogs or news in your niche part of your daily “work” routine. It keeps you informed and educated. But please, for the love of, um, green smoothies, don’t visit these sites and feel like you need to mimic their marketing strategies.

You do that and you get a strange feeling in your chest, and then a bunch of chemistry happens in your body and you feel run down and then you have to nap rather than work your routine. OK, maybe that is just me. But, my suggestion is that you only build on a foundation that exists. Don’t stop building a foundation to mimic someone else’s foundation.

Excuse me a minute, I am going to sip some of my own Kool-Aid. No really, it’s an easy trap to fall into, so remind yourself not to get caught up in it. Only think of expansion, when you are going out looking for expansion ideas. Don’t think of expansion when you see something shiny when you’re supposed to be out there learning so that you can provide better content for your niche.

Getting out there will:

  • Help you connect with others in the niche
  • Find out affiliate products to promote
  • Allow you to do some valuable blog commenting for backlinks when you have an established site
  • Help you find connections for guest posting
  • Allow you to find sites to pay for ad space on
  • Force you to learn your niche, as mentioned
  • Help you become aware of events related to your niche that you can announce and/or attend
  • And so on…


Staying organized: How to stay updated


Here’s the process I go through to stay organized and keep up with the blogs in my niche:

1. Sign up to a feed reader (Feedly is a fantastic choice and a great Google Reader alternative by far)

2. Create a category

3. Add feeds for the blogs in your niche

Now you can keep track of new content in all of the blogs, in one page, each day without having to visit each site individually. Cool right? You can mark posts to “read later” and you can read the posts from right within in the Feedly interface. You have to visit the site if you choose to comment though (I think).

I’d say get Summly for summarized content, but Yahoo! but it from a kid for multi-millions and ejected it from the app store. D’oh! Now, I’d take it even further and join some niche forums as well. Simply add a signature line with a link, change up the link and call to actions once in awhile, and engage in the forum daily. Get to know the forum rules, show respect, and provide value. Treat it like it’s your site in terms of adding value.

Further promotion: Be cautious when building links, instead provide good content

Want to know what killed the search listings for one of my sites and made the Google Disavow tool my best friend? Outsourcing link building.

Know what got me to the top three for a very competitive key phrase before that? Well, I’ll tell you below, but first…

Sadly, my ranking wasn’t jumping from 3 to 2 in as fast a pace as I wanted to so I hammered the backlinks very agressively. Worst mistake ever.

Patience brought me from oblivion to position 643, to position 97, to position 36, to position 19, to 10, to 9, to 7, to 5, to 4, to 3. .. and likely would have kept me climbing, but I lost patience, and ultimately lost rankings, and found my way back to oblivion. And I am still recovering from it several months later, emotionally, monetarily, and trafically (are those words?).

Heed my warning, don’t buy links ever. Do it this way.


5 Traffic Generation Tips For Your Niche

1. Provide super value content.

2. Share the content in your social circles surrounding by some commentary when appropriate.

3. Include some re-blogging in Tumblr, Blogger and others.

4. Write content for other communities and deep link to posts.

5. As mentioned above, stay engaged in niche blogs and forums (DAILY).

So, what are you doing with all of this? You are building an authority blog that will get lots and lots of organic traffic for years to come.

Build that foundation.

Ask yourself, “what do I enjoy talking about, and/or want to learn more about?” -without the quotes, and the slash :. and then follow from Part 1.

Best of luck, you green smoothie hustla’!