A “site flip” may be defined in the same way a “house flip” is often defined: buying, fixing up, then re-selling real estate. In the online world though, we are selling virtual real estate.

Flippa Is Often The Go To Marketplace For Web Site Flippers, But The Fees Might Make You Change Your Mind

When people think of selling web sites in the market place, often Flippa comes to mind. The site brings in droves of buyers and sellers and is certainly a bustling marketplace. However, the site really isn’t that great when margins are slim because Flippa fees can take a large dent out of one’s profit. There are many alternatives out there.


Strangely, people often just get excited about the sale price when selling a site, but forget about the initial cost, the time/cost involved in the sale/upgrade, the Flippa and/or PayPal and/or Escrow fees that eat away at the profits, among other things. Those that do pay attention will know the true profit from their flip. In my opinion, Flippa is no place to sell brand new web sites, but if you are sitting on a web property that you stand to make thousands of dollars in profit, Flippa may be a good choice because a sale could happen quickly. People are drawn to Flippa from social, search, radio, TV, etc with the intent of buying a web site after all. It is in Flippa’s best interest to help make the sale happen for you.

2 Great Alternatives To Flippa For Selling Web Sites Online: Domain Forums Like Namepros.com Or DNForum.com

  • Pro Tip: Sites like namepros.com and dnforum.com are great places to flip sites

There are many places on the web that cater to the sale of domains and/or web sites. Most are tiny in comparison to Flippa but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While you may have to be the one that sends traffic to your listings in some cases, because there aren’t the sheer numbers of people that Flippa gets regularly, it really only takes one person to buy a site. Plus, these marketplaces will have less sites listed for sale which can help make your site stand out and make it so you don’t have to worry about lowering prices to stay competitive.

3 More Alternatives: Sedo.com, WebSiteBroker.com, and BuySellWebsSite.com: 

Are they Flippa competitors? Not really, but they certainly qualify as alternatives.

More than just dedicated marketplaces for flipping web sites, there are also sites that have sections set aside for selling sites. They are usually sites that esentially allow you to sell just about anything in classified and/or auction format, and they might have a “web site” or “domain” category. Popular webmaster forums and online auction sites are examples.

People, including myself have had success selling web sites on platforms such as Forums.DigitalPoint.com and eBay.com (or your country’s equivalent).

Possibly The Best Alternative To Flippa For Selling Web Sites? Direct Sales And Web Site Visitors.

I think that hands down without a second thought, the best way to sell web sites other than through Flippa (or other marketplace) is from Direct Sales. On a side note: worth investigating is sending an email to subscribers to see if any are in the market to purchase such a site. They are most likely passionate about the topic after all.

Back to Direct Sales. How do you do that? It takes some work to find willing buyers. These are more… investors and perhaps the odd hobbyist. They are most likely past customers. They are people that have purchased a site from you in the past.

So, where do you find these people? You initially find them in the above mentioned marketplaces including Flippa. You may lose some money or sell for less than you want (because of the fees) but you will get in touch with people that want to buy from you regularly providing you offer a fantastic product and service, with fantastic support.

Stay in touch with them and let them know, by email, about a new property that is up for sale. You may still want to use Escrow for safety but you can cut out the middlemen and make more money with less effort, providing you look at this as a long term business. The buying and selling of web sites will always exist as long as there is an Internet.

If Anything, Flippa Is A Great Place To Study The Marketplace And Learn What Is Selling And What Metrics Matter

I won’t lie, even if I don’t list my site on Flippa I will study past and current auctions. It’s a great way to find out what is selling and at what average cost. You can study the auction, follow the comments and even study the site that is up for sale. Many site sellers grow confidence and get excited about the potential of site flipping when browsing through the Flippa auctions.

Flippa live auctions will give anyone a crash course in site sales. Learn what metrics such as: site visitors, monthly revenue, size of mailing list, amount of content, originality of design and content, etc. that matter when flipping a web property.

A Site Flip Doesn’t Have To Follow The Standard Definition, Even New Sites Can Be Sold In The Marketplace

Many seasoned site flippers have methods for finding sites to purchase and know exactly how to evaluate these sites even without talking to the owners. They can quickly determine the amount of work and money that will be needed to make the site “flippable.” Plus they will know ahead of time the potential profit that they could realize, and they could easily and quickly determine what their maximum asking price should be to make a profit.

Other site sellers have figured out the basics that someone wants in a web site and know exactly how much time is involved to make it happen. They have mastered the art that goes into building a web site from scratch and putting all of the pieces into place. And providing they don’t get too “cookie cutter” with it they could carve out a decent living at it. They have determined quickly however that unless a site is making money, the sale prices are often not that high. Sure, they are high enough to justify the time (and expertise) that went into the building of the site, but when the marketplace and payment processors take their cut it is difficult to stay motivated with the peanuts leftover. That’s when they seek alternatives to the Flippa marketplace.