I just thought of an idea a few minutes ago. It’s more of a combined idea with some parts that I thought of and implemented a few months back. Well, I don’t have the time to implement it fully, so I wanted to write it out for you before it’s gone from my mind forever.

Step 1: Setting Up The Site:

Let’s start by:

1) Picking a service niche, perhaps we can start with a long tail from Google Suggest. Think of service industries like: catering, dentists, auto mechanics, party favors, interior decorators, landscape, computer repair, and the list goes on. There are thousands of sectors, and sub sectors to choose from. Let’s go with: “different types of massages for sports” as the tag line for the WordPress blog and something like:

  • AthleteMassage MassageForAthletes SportsMassageTherapy SportsBodyWork ActiveMassage ActiveBodyRub

for the domain name.


2) Setup a blog and write articles for all of the massage types that exist.

3) Implement geo targeting on the web site. There are free and paid solutions here. Essentially what we want here is to find a solution that determines the city (and region and country) of the web site visitor. Also, it would be important to have a loacation override tool that would allow users to select their location if the tool wasn’t accurate (they are mostly based on IP Address after all).

4) Use an advertisement management tool that generates shortcodes for ad spots, and also sets expiry dates. AdRotate is a good free option. The paid upgrade will send email alerts when an ad is about to expire.

5) Implement Facebook comments on each article.

But rather than allowing the comment tool to automatically choose the “comment URL” based on the permalink, we will dynamically create that URL by appending the location information. For example: http://site.com/swedish-massage-health-benefits/?l=city+region+country

The city+region+country would be dynamically created based on the detected (or overrode) location of the user. It should be cleaned using a urlencode PHP command (or similar), to avoid spaces, special characters, accents, etc.

You can ask a question of the visitor like: Let us know your experience with this type of massage. Is there a location in your city that you would like to recommend. Or ask other’s their feedback of a particlular service, etc. This stirs up a conversation in FaceBook with mostly “locals,” locals who are bound to know a plumber, or electrician that might click over and see the advertising opportunity (see next step).

6) Offer an advertising spot on the same page. You can use shortcodes from the geotargeting tool, if available, combined with shortocdes from an ad managament tool so that it displays an ad for a specifc location. Have the default ad be “your” ad saying to buy an ad. This way, for just one page, potentially every city across the globe will have the opportunity to have an advertiser.

Step 2: Further Content

You could work something out with each advertiser to have them start blogging on your site as well to keep new fresh content piling up. This content can be an extension of their ad to further promote their services. For example, they could embed their videos and blog about them. They could have a page setup for FAQs, and so on.

SEO is lost here: SEO vs. Social Traffic

The truth is, with this approach, local SEO won’t be optimized out of the box. Google will crawl the content from only their location in California so that is all that will be picked up. To really get SEO to work you would need a unique page for each city, and that takes away the fun of having one page for EVERY city. So, to combat the lack of local SEO, we have local social with Facebook. There will be unique Facebook comments for every single city.

Step 3: Getting Geo-Targeted Traffic

You could start with one city at a time, and find out how to get the word out with free content placed in local channels and networks (like city magazines and portal sites). Run classifieds ads, or paid Facebook ads. Also research other sites that let you filter your ads by location.

Google AdWords is another one. But that could get tedious and take the wind out of your sails fast. I would rather: For global outreach, target specific long tails in the “broader” niche to your tight niche. For example: “how to massage feet to induce labor,” and “how to massage your scalp to stimulate hair growth” – write an article on those and include them on one of the top Alexa sites that have built in traffic.