It hasn’t rolled out everywhere yet but there is a new style inbox for many a Gmail user right now, and that includes your subscribers. Google seems to want to take the job of organizing our email for us. 4 new tabs are created and they get filled with emails as they arrive. Essentially there are 5 inboxes now that we must check.

We’ve got one for Social, one for Promotions, another for Updates, and yet another for Forums. Thanks Google, I’d rather organize things myself. At least they give us the option to remove some or all of the tabs.

Gmail email tabs

The Tabs Are On By Default, Tell Your Subscribers To Look In The Promotions Tab For Your Emails

All the emails that you send to your list, including the confirmation and thank you emails, will likely end up in the Promotions tab. Worse, your subscribers may miss it.

Among other things, we are already telling them to check their inbox for a confirmation email. Now, we just need to modify the request to say to look in the Promotions tab for our email. And it wouldn’t hurt to show them a picture.

While I’m at it, I’ll list the requests we should make to increase the likelihood that the subscriber will fully subscribe (assuming that you have double opt-in enabled).

>> “Check the email for a confirmation link.”

>> “Click the link to activate your subscription.”

>> “Check spam/bulk if you don’t see the email shortly.”

>> “Email me if you don’t get the confirmation email within 20 minutes.”

>> “Add [email protected] to your address book and safe sender’s list.” Even provide a link so they can learn how (it depends on the email client they are using so the instructions are long if being thorough).

>> “Are you using Gmail? The new interface may have the new tab feature turned on. If so, check the Promotions tab.” You can probably even dynamically determine if they use gmail, but the truth is, many people use Gmail for their email even if not using the in their email address.

Note: The above is just to get them on your list if you are using double opt-in. Once they are on, you may want to suggest that they drag your emails from the Promotions tab to the Primary tab so that your emails aren’t buried/hidden/filtered out anymore.

You may even want to show them how to turn off tabs. You’ll probably be doing them and everyone else a favor if you do 🙂

Go To ‘Configure Inbox’ From The Settings Wheel To Turn Off The New Gmail Tabs

If you don’t want your emails (including appointment reminder emails from your dentist, etc.) auto-filtered, just turn off the tabs. It’s quick and easy and you will probably save yourself some grief in the long run.

To do so:

1. Click the Settings Wheel, then click “Configure Inbox.”

2. Uncheck whichever tabs you do not want to see any longer.

3. Click the “Save” button.

You’ll Be Surprised How Many @gmail Emails Are On Your List

I have a few lists and more than half the subscribers use Gmail on all of them. There are even more than that when you factor in the people that use their own domains within the Gmail interface.

If you are using AWeber to manage your lists, follow the instructions below to see how many are @gmail subscribers.

1. Login to AWeber.

2. Choose the list you are working with.

3. Click the “Subscribers” tab.

4. Where is says “Select Field” choose “Email.”

5. Where it says “is,” change it to “contains.”

6. Type “@gmail” in the empty box.

7. Click “Search.”

8. Take the number of subscribers returned from the above search, divided by the total subscribers, and multiply by 100. That’s the percentage of subscibers using Gmail. More than you thought?