I wrote on the topic of Paper.li before but today I wanted to share, top to bottom, the making money with Paper.li strategy that I have recently tried and tested.

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First, What is Paper.li?

Essentially, Paper.li is a daily newspaper with a “mashup” of content from around the web. You can choose from many sources for the content which includes searches from various social sites and search engines, as well as content from specific social pages.

The Paper.li engine then automatically creates a paper using new content from those sources each day.

The paper is then emailed to subscribers every day. The email will be a mini-version of the paper with the headline for the day.

It also displays the categories and hashtags for the days content as well as the number of contributors. Avatars for feature contributors are displayed as well.

The site keeps archives of previous days papers.

Paper.li Content Sources

As mentioned the content sources can be from almost any site or search engine. In fact, anything that generates an RSS feed can be used for a source.

You just type in your query, which should be the main topic of your niche paper then pick from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, RSS, and YouTube. After selecting one of choices, new options are presented and individual items can be added to the “source” for your paper’s content.

Naturally, if you do have your own sites, blogs (hosted or self-hosted) that are related to your topic for your paper, then you will want to include those as well.

You can also specify your own accounts or select from a list of pre-selected web sites.

You then specify the “topics” that are covered in the paper so the system knows where to categorize the items. You can choose everything from Adult to Crime to Trending hashtags, stories, videos, photos and more.

Sharing the Content

I have found success sharing the content on a Facebook page. Simply sharing the paper’s link had OK results, but the best results came when sharing the headline story.

I simply copy the image that comes in the daily email to my computer and create an an “image post” on my Facebook page.

Then I say something like:

“Today’s headline in the NAME OF PAPER paper: http://paper.li/newspaper-url/”

I’ll then paste the headline, and the description. If there is anything else interesting about today’s paper I’ll mention that as well and provide another link.

People tend to “like” and “share” these type of Facebook posts more so than just standard links to the paper with no other info, probably as expected.

Go Pro and Make Money

As your paper starts to get traffic and subscribers, you will probably want to take the whole thing further.

Things will still be on auto-pilot but when upgrading to Pro you will have more customization capabilities and more overall control.

To upgrade you are looking at $9 per month or $99 per year. You can pay by Credit Card or PayPal.

You will then be able to change up the branding, setup a custom domain (I recommend NameCheap because you get free Whois protection), and more importantly you can control the ad space in the emails and in the daily paper and archives.

There’s very little to it after setup but sharing your posts daily on your Facebook page.

The rest sort of just happens.

I think that you should highly consider a squeeze page on your own domain name and use Paper.li as a source for email captures, but the truth is, it is an income stream all it’s own.

Just be sure to track ad revenue from Paper.li to be sure you are earning more than you spend. For example, use a custom channel if using AdSense. Or use tracking IDs or other method if doing affiliate marketing.

Have fun with it and best of luck.