When you want to get past your prospect’s barriers and make your voice heard, one of the best ways to go about it is convincing your current readers to share the word about your company on social media. Face it, people trust other consumers, especially those they are connected to, more than they trust you. It’s nothing personal; they just don’t know anything about you besides the fact that you’re in business to make a buck.

When a consumer with no vested interest in your company evangelizes for you though, that’s when people take heed. And one way to encourage word-of-mouth is by using “Click to Tweet” in your articles.

What is “Click to Tweet?”

“Click to Tweet” is a simple and free online tool that you can use to encourage readers to tweet your content. If you have something you want to draw attention to, like a video or product or just a cool quote, you can prepare the tweet for them with a small bit of text that says “click to tweet,” “share on twitter,” or something similar.

click to tweet

If the reader wants to share this tweet, they just click the button and it loads up the pre-formatted tweet for them, prompting a login if their computer isn’t signed into Twitter already.

Why It Works So Well

There are several advantages of doing this. For one, it just makes it incredibly easy for your readers to share with their followers – they don’t have to think up a clever tweet that fulfills Twitter’s character requirements. It’s just click and go.

That means no second thought is needed. And any time you make sharing easier for readers you are doing yourself a justice.

On top of that, it gives you a bit more control over what exactly gets shared. Is it going to draw more traffic if your reader tweets the title and URL of your article or if they tweet about a free video or course highlighted in the article? You decide.

Finally, this feature can also give you a way to make your content stand out more so you can hammer particular points home. If there’s something specific you want to focus on, this is a way of repeating what you said in a manner that is useful on multiple levels.

How to Set it Up

There’s no extensive setup with “Click to Tweet.” Just go to http://clicktotweet.com and they’ve got a handy little tool there for you, where you can just enter the text you want tweeted, along with a shortened URL, and then click “generate” to get a bit of HTML for your article.

Then just check your stats to see if it has an effect.

Be sure to come back and let us know what your results are like.