A word to the wise, in regards to your activity on social media: always be growing your social tribe. An ongoing challenge with social media marketing is that social is getting more competitive, with more places to be than ever. More brands now reside, spend time and ad dollars on social. And with these factors all working together it’s not as easy to gain attention via social as it once was. There is much more competing for the attention of your tribe, so you have to be that much better to keep the eyeballs on you.

Constantly Creating New Opportunities

It isn’t much of a question, whether you should be content marketing or not. And while it’s not rocket science, it does take effort. It certainly takes thought and planning too. But the payoff is that it can significantly elevate your online brand — everything from traffic, rankings, leads and sales.

Followers are Not Enough

Social opt-in page

Simply getting your tribe to follow you and pay attention via social is risking it. The best plan of attack is to turn followers into leads by getting social followers to subscribe to an e-newsletter. Email marketing, a sure way to boost your top of mind awareness, is powerful and a great companion to social media. Move them into your email funnel by offering great giveaways.

Here are some rules to follow when it comes to generating leads online:

  • Lead generation isn’t as easy as slapping up an opt-in form, or just saying, “like my page.”
  • Incentivize — make it worth their while.
  • Repurpose your content (or just use fine marketing to sell the benefits of being on your list)

Deciding What to Giveaway

A giveaway offer that works has to provide value, in someway, to your audience. While the value can come in the form of monetary value, entertainment value, informational or educational value, the benefit has to be there and be obvious — remember you only have a few seconds on social.

Some examples of powerful giveaways include coupons, exclusive discounts or access, free trials, entry into a contest, drawing or sweepstakes. These work great for consumer products. A PDF or video content (entertainment or informational), a mindmap, article or email series might work really well for a B2B offer. Additionally, a B2B company may want to extend further to include a giveaway of a free consultation, an analysis, review, hot seat, webinar or live in-person event registration.

Although many website owners often stutter at this step. there are actually plenty of giveaway options when given some thought, regardless of business type or model.