If you are trying to expand your reach to different social media platforms or if your company’s target demographic consists of young, tech-savvy consumers, you might want to pay more attention to increasingly popular Google+. The platform has been gaining a lot of momentum lately, as more and more individuals and businesses have been looking past the basic profiles and exploring all the advanced features this social media channel has to offer. Here are several ideas on how you and your company can engage on Google+ and make the most out of it.


1. Work on Your Profile

To begin with, you should make sure your Google+ profile is not only complete with all the relevant information about your business, but is also search engine friendly. Include keywords pertinent to your industry into your About description. You can also make your profile easier to read by utilizing various typography features of Google+. For example, you can put the text you want to emphasize in bold or italics. You can also create lists of products or specialty areas, rather than placing all of these details into plain paragraphs. This will allow people who are browsing around to quickly scan your profile and understand whether it’s relevant to what they are looking for.

2. Create Circles Based on Themes

To better organize your Google+ circles and to be able to quickly find the target audience you are trying to reach, create circles around different niches or themes. If you are a marketing company, for example, you might want to have such circles as affiliate marketing, SEO, online advertising and similar. You can use keyword search to find relevant people and pages to add to these circles. You should then make regular contributions to these niches, following their thought leaders and sharing your opinions on the topics revolving around your industry.

3. Share Visual, Engaging Content

Similarly to other social media platforms and possibly even more so, Google+ is a highly visual network. Frequently posting images, videos and slideshows will give you a better chance of engaging your audience and ensure that your content is regularly shared by them. This doesn’t mean you should avoid posting text altogether. Interesting blog posts or even just shared articles and other information that your customers would find interesting all make for great Google+ content. Try to keep your advertising to content ratio at around 20:80, to avoid making your audience feel like they are being constantly pushed to buy something.

4. Stay Active

Active participation is a major contributor to expanding your reach on Google+. Whenever you have a minute, try to share posts you find interesting, +1 engaging articles and leave comments on posts that you find genuinely informative. Set daily goals for how many interactions you want to initiate with decision makers in your industry and potential customers. Even if it’s something small, like three or four interactions, the goal will keep you on track and ensure you are constantly staying engaged and contributing to the growth of your network.

5. Take Advantage of the Hangouts Feature

Hangouts are a great way to hold a conversation with your target audience. Hangouts On Air lets you take these conversations a step further and automatically get them posted on YouTube and broadcast them to unlimited amount of people. You can use this feature to hold a Q&A session with your customers, to interview an expert in your industry or to run a Vlog, sharing your own expert opinion in your niche.

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