Every now and then it’s a good idea to take a look at your site and determine if there’s any way to improve upon the existing design, layout and any other elements that may improve conversions. The three-step site audit can be a simple exercise to figure out if any of these three areas need to be improved at your site.

Step 1: Do I trust this site?

The first question to ask is, do I trust the site? Straightforward and honest responses to that question will help determine if this site is seen by your visitors as a trustworthy source of information or whatever it may provide. E-commerce is built upon trust, which takes some work to obtain in the online setting. Solid design and professional copy are going to be two essential pieces needed to develop this trust.
Three Step Site Audit

Now that we have the trust of the dealer, what’s consider the second step.

Step 2: Am I in the right place?

This question helps determine if the site looks and feels consistent with the topic of the site. If the response to visiting the site is not an immediate feeling of, “Yes, this is exactly what I was looking for,” then there is work to be done on improving the consistency and messaging of the site. Again, this may be related to both design layout and as well as copy.

The last step is often the biggest stumbling block.

Step 3: What do I do next?

This is where you’ll examine your site to ensure that there’s strong a call to action for the next step in the process. Whatever the conversion goal of the site is, the call to action should take the visitor one step closer to that goal. This is a huge element, that if MIA right not, can drastically improve your conversion rate.

Never assume an unexpected visitor knows what to do next at your site, unless you give them explicit instructions. If the goal of landing on the homepage is to get them to opt in to your newsletter, then that should be the primary calls to action on the page. If it’s to get them to watch a product video, which takes them one step closer to purchase, then the call to action needs to be to watch that video.

Developing a strong call to action sounds simple enough, however this is the most neglect aspect of the vast majority of websites that go through this three step process. Adding a strong call to action, can work wonders for boosting conversion rates and generating more sales.