Over the past 6 months, I dabbled in a lifestyle called minimalist living. I was curious why a growing number of web developers are willingly giving away their possessions.

1 Start Small

Minimalist Lifestyle

I started with the basics, throwing away everything lying around that I hadn’t used in over 6 months. Then I went further and gave away some possessions like electronics, books, movies, clothes I felt I no longer needed. It feels good knowing that your stuff is possibly going to someone who values it more than yourself. I ended up giving away most of the ‘entertainment stuff’ and kept only my business books (like my Linux books). The monetary value was quite high, but surprisingly I did not really care much. On the contrary, it is quite liberating. I still own more than enough, but only things I use frequently or that are needed for my business.

2 If You Like: Track Changes In A Changelog

Much like you keep a changelog of your websites and software bugs, you could start a changelog for your minimalist lifestyle to help you see how much progress you’ve made.

3 Notice A Change In Focus

The first things I noticed that I was a little less stressed. Make it a daily routine to locate stuff you no longer need for a few weeks. It’s a proven technique that can even lower the stress you experience throughout the day.

4 Identify Things You Value

By getting rid of stuff you no longer need you can focus solely on the things that you do need and that make you happy. It will also help you to identify habits that make you “unhappy”, that are detrimental to your business, your health or somehow negatively affect you in any way. Usually it’s a small list and something you’d normally not think about. Drop them without giving it a second thought.

5 Makes It Easier To Organize Your Workflow

Last, but not least, I noticed that it can be quite helpful to better organize your workflow. Although the changes are subtle at first, it can add up quickly. You will be surprised where this will lead you.

6 In A Nutshell: Counter-cultural, Anti-Hedonistic Lifestyle That Will Help You Grow

I now understand why so many web developers prefer a minimalist lifestyle.

Hedonism sucks. I despise nothing more than the Corporate marketing techniques that try to make people think they absolutely have to own the latest Apple device or drive a BMW to be “trendy”. Most people buy Apple because it’s the cultural status symbol number 1 at the moment – and not because they identify with Apple on a deeper level.

Minimalism teaches the exact opposite and simply feels ‘right’.

Right now the internet turns into this giant ad for corporate brands like Coca Cola and Apple. More and more small businesses simply vanish. A trend we need to counteract.

7 What You Buy Matters

Customers around the globe are increasingly aware of the fact that the choices they make with their wallets can have dramatic consequences on big corporations. Crowd-funding has never been more popular and will force BIG DATA companies to rethink how they treat customers and how much data they track about them. Customers are not commodities after all.