In this article I am going to discuss some of the general tweaks that can be performed to improve the security for a WordPress site. Out of the box, WordPress is quite secure but that doesn’t mean that it cannot benefit from a few adjustments.

Use a Full Sentence as a Password if Random Strong Passwords are Too Difficult to Use for you, or Get a Good Password Management and Generation Tool

Many people find that it’s too difficult to work with such obscure passwords because they can’t memorize them. I suggest using a browser attachment password manager to memorize passwords for you. There are also password managers that work in the cloud, or on USB drives.

RoboForm is an example that has all three options available which also synchs passwords between all three methods. I have used them all but have recently removed my passwords from the cloud after the recent attacks on many big name web sites. That and RoboForm didn’t address my Tweet when I asked how they can make me feel comfortable holding onto my passwords in the cloud.

At any rate, if you don’t want to use a password manager, then perhaps use complete sentences for passwords. A sentence including spaces and punctuation can be used as a secure password. Make it a sentence that is simple to remember for you, but will still be difficult for a computer program to guess. Here’s an example:

I refuse to use a pa$$word Generation tool, so I am using A sentence INSTEAD so THERE!

For fun I entered “i love you so much!” into a password strength tool to see how long it would take (on average) for a dektop computer to “crack” the password. That particular password (i love you so much!) would take 36238251889588470 years to crack. I’d say that qualifies as secure. The previous example above would take 3.483806002044839e+148 years. Feel me? Sentences are secure.

Stay tuned, more to come in part 2.