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paper.li help file for custom domain

How To Point A Domain From NameCheap To Paper.li – Point Name Servers To Your Web Host First

In the following steps I will talk about pointing a domain name from my NameCheap account to my Paper.li newspaper via HostGator. With that said, while the exact steps may be different for those with different domain/web hosts, the process will be very similar.

When using a custom domain on Paper.li it involves changing an A record for the domain. That means that the domain must be pointed to a web host first. It’s not as simple as changing the Name Servers for the domain to a set of Name Servers supplied by Paper.li (because they simply don’t provide any). On a side note, when pointing a subdomain to Paper.li as your newspaper’s custom URL, a CNAME record will need to be created (as opposed to an A record). I am personally pointing an entire domain (not a subdomain) so I will be walking through creating an A record, and I’ll be using HostGator for that.

Login To Your Host’s Control Panel Or Check The Welcome Email For The Name Server Values

My host is HostGator and it uses CPanel. To find the name servers is very simple. They should be present in one of the welcome emails that was sent. If the welcome email is not handy, that’s OK, it’s really quick to locate them in the Control Panel.

Here is the quick process:

1. Login to CPanel.

2. Scroll down and on the bottom left look for the Account Information box. Two name server values will be present in there.

Change The Name Servers In NameCheap To Point To HostGator

Now, you simply have to point the domain to your web host using the name servers that you gathered in the previous step.

I host my domains through Name Cheap so here are the steps that I followed:

1. Login to your NameCheap account.

2. On the far right side of the blue menu, click My Account >> Manage Domains.

3. Select the domain (from the right side) that you intend to point to Paper.li.

4. From the left menu under General, click Domain Name Server Setup.

5. Click the option for: Specify Custom DNS Servers ( Your own DNS Servers ).

6. Paste in both name server values from your web host account.

7. Click the Save Changes button.

Watch for Part 2 where I finish up the process. We’ll setup the domain at Host Gator, create the ‘A’ record, then add the domain at Paper.li.