Instagram, which rolled out their video capability less than a month ago, has included the ability to embed videos. This is significant for number of reasons, particularly because it will expand the reach and use up Instagram content.

Instagram embed example

Impact on Vine


Instagram video has delivered a significant blow to Twitter’s Vine service. Finds usage has been on a downward slope ever since the announcement of Instagram video.


Instagram For Breaking News


Instagram has now positioned themselves to compete directly with Twitter as a breaking news source. The ability to embed their content allows online publishers, media organizations and news sources to utilize Instagram content and report. Since visual content is so popular and widely consumed, look to see increased use of this simple functionality for purposes of tracking and sharing news updates by bloggers and media outlets.

Another reason this is significant is because it will broaden the scope and reach up Instagram’s contact. Allowing them bad option opens up possibilities beyond just within Instagram that. Instagram content can already be shared to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, and this opens the door for bloggers to utilize Instagram content in curated snippets.


Instagram Paying Off


Instagram, which was acquired by Facebook in 2012, has proven to be a significant and, to this point, successful acquisition that may prove worth the hefty $1 billion price tag that Facebook paid for the service. Social media pundits pointed to Instagram’s massive user base early on, which now is over 130 million users, as a reason why they were able to command such a significant price.


You Can’t Please All The People

With all of the positives surrounding Instagram and Instagram video, there have been some expressed disappointment in the service. Some users would prefer that videos remain in their own stream, and photos in their own stream, however at this point both are integrated in a unified stream. Additionally, adding video has caused the Instagram app to be less responsive than it was prior to video, in some cases.


Healthy Competition


And while Vine has taken a hit from Instagram stepping up to incorporate video, it truly is best for the consumers as competition forces both services to improve. It would be foolish to count Vine out at this point, as Twitter is still the fastest growing social network and Vine has delivered a new element and healthy boost to the Twitter user base in the first half of 2013.