There are many tools out there that can make your daily webmaster life a little easier to manage. One of the few Unix-tools that site admins use to quickly deploy all sorts of software is called “git” – which supports

1. Open a shell terminal either by SSH’ing directly into your server or using Putty on Windows

2. Enter yum install perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker gettext-devel expat-devel curl-devel zlib-devel openssl-devel openssl-devel gcc-c++ make

Prepare Yum Perl And Ssl Devel.png

3. Now yum will sort out the dependencies for you – confirm the installation by entering y

Yum Dependencies Resolved.png

4. libcurl-devel will most likely be installed on your system, possibly others if you don’t maintain centOS a lot

5. Now we’re using the wget -O option to download the master archive that we need to compile git from source as a tar file

6. Enter wget -O git.tar.gz

7. You should now have something like this when you enter dir

Git Tar Archive.png

8. Next, untar the git archive using tar -xzf git* (where * is a wildcard for the extension, you can use this to save time)

Untar Git Archive.png

9. Enter cd ./git* using the wildcard identifier again

Cd Into Git Dir.png

10. Enter make prefix=/usr install to compile git

11. Have some patience – this will take some time, approx. 40-60 seconds, longer if you’re on a slow VPS

12. If everything went smoothly, you can now use git

13. Enter git --help to see a list of available commands

14. git add, git clone are commonly used commands