LinkedIn’s newly refined rich media feature allows users to convey their unique work, experience and personality through multiple modalities, right from their profiles. This functionality effectively replaces third-party add ons that formerly enabled rich media use on LinkedIn, but is cleaner and easier to use.

What Is It?

LinkedIn’s rich media feature offers the ability to add media such as video, audio, PDF or PowerPoint slides to your LinkedIn profile. This gives users who add media a significant advantage because LinkedIn profiles have traditionally been all text, and profiles with rich media are much more interesting to look at and preview. They also stand out much more than all text profiles — knowing how well video and visual elements grab attention online. The time is now to edit your own profile to take advantage of what rich media offers, as it is something that only a small percentage of users are currently using.

Why Use It?

The name of the game in networking is standing out from the crowd. On LinkedIn there’s no better way to differentiate yourself from your competition by getting people interested in you. and showcasing your personality and skill set, which is something you can do in video, via pictures or through audio or presentations. Without rich media, LinkedIn user all appear much more homogenous, in that profile appearances tend to be very similar. Rich media allows us to truly be more expressive and more compelling. By giving a multimedia experience to those who find your profiles, they gain a much more accurate sense of who you are and the value that you bring to the table.

How Do I Add Rich Media?

Using this awesome feature is actually very easy to do. There are a few sections in your profile where you’re able to attach rich media. The summary is a great example of this in that it is a great place to put multi-purpose contact.

In the top right-hand corner next to the edit button (which allows you to edit that area of your profile,) there’s a little icon to add rich media. Simply click on this icon and you’ll be prompted to provide the URL of where are you’re rich media content resides. So you will want to point to content that is hosted elsewhere, such as YouTube video, a slideshow presentation on SlideShare, or an image on Flickr or Instagram. Simply copy the URL of your content and paste it into that area and you’ll see your media appear in that section of your profile.