In this article I will provide some ideas for making money as an affiliate of Netflix.

Like I often say, you could always figure out a way to make money online with a product or service that you have personal experience with. Netflix is no exception. If you use it and love it, tell people about it and you deserve to make money for your time.

Start a Netflix related blog, and get some referral commissions.


Why Netflix?

Practically everyone watches TV. TV is a big niche with some small pockets that could be easy to become a leader in with a focused blog.

I chose Netflix because it is arguably the most popular streaming video on demand service that exists, certainly a pioneer, and is widely known.

With that said, the same could be accomplished for any of the TV streaming providers if they offer commissions to affiliates. Other services include Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Redbox, and Vudu. There are plenty more but that is what I can come up with from the top of my head. They may or may not have affiliate programs. Netflix’s affiliate program is through the Google Affiliate Network.

Go niche or go wide

If you have read any of my past stuff, you’ll know that I primarily suggest going after a very tight niche per web site. In this case, Netflix TV show reviews might be the niche you go after. I wouldn’t consider anything wider than that personally.

If I were to launch a site to get Netflix affiliate commissions I would go tighter than that. It would really allow you to dominate a “pocket” in a short time.

Netflix niche ideas

Consider writing reviews for specific TV shows (or movies) in a specific genre. You could write blog posts giving your thoughts on each episode of a particular series, for example.

While this might seem to be a “spoiler” type site, and in a sense it is, it’ll attract TV watchers in that “niche” and given enough information about Netflix, they may start their free trial.

I think it’d be best to write a solid review of Netflix with the only call-to-action: to sign up for a free trial to Netflix. I would also have have a separate squeeze page for newsletter subscribers (who you could send broadcast messages to each time you post, or for your “season wrap-up” posts perhaps).

Then, within each regular post, I would make the call-to-action to either “check out the review,” or “sign up for updates,” or both.

8 Content ideas (from Google Suggest)

A great niche could be (any one could be the tag line and overall theme of the site):

  1. – what shows are on netflix just for kids
  2. – what shows are on netflix canada
  3. – netflix tv shows for girls
  4. – tv shows for teenage girls on netflix
  5. – netflix horror tv shows
  6. – netflix sci fi tv shows
  7. – best netflix action adventure movies
  8. – …and so on

You could have main pages like (that you keep up to date and change often):
– what is new on netflix streaming
– netflix original series list

Other content ideas

Depending on the niche selected, if you are familiar with the other services (Hulu, etc) offerings you can do comparison articles:
– hulu plus vs netflix for kids

For additonal content you can do articles such as “how to setup netflix on samsung tv,” and you can also report on Netflix news. Each and everyday there is something new to discuss in the world of Netflix, believe me. I write one piece of Netflix news everyday, and I often pass on 4 or 5 current topics.

Naturally you’ll want to stick mostly to your tight niche: Netflix +kids +TV shows, for example, but just Netflix-related is fine too. I would stick to a 80%+ tight niche focus for the first 90 days of daily writing, and then worry less and less about staying so tight as the months go by and the traffic increases.

I would say that 100% of the content should discuss Netflix for at least the 6 months to even a full year. But I wouldn’t be afraid to branch out to the general topic of “video on demand” and “streaming television” thereafter. I would stay roughly 25%+ niche, 15%+ Netflix though. Make the hange gradual and see how traffic adjusts as a result.

Keep an eye on keywords that bring in traffic to get ideas for specific articles to provide content for.