There are lots of CPA offers out there that allow affiliates to refer people to get their credit scores and reports, and they get a commission after a successful transaction. MaxBounty has such an offer, but so do many others.

In the past the person signing up would get a free credit report and the scores from the top two credit bureaus Equifax and TransUnion. There was usually an offer for both Canada and the United States and paid sometimes up to $14. The user would need to provide a credit card but the card wouldn’t be charged unless the individual decided to stick around for the monthly credit monitoring service. Affiliates got paid even if they didn’t.

The Newer Credit Report Offers

I don’t see the freebies much anymore. I mostly see some low cost (about $3. offers to Americans offering 3 credit scores and a credit report. The third score would come from Experian, with the main two still from Equifax and TransUnion.

But same deal here really, they want the user to stick around for the credit monitoring service but that’s beyond the part we care about as an affiliate (in general I would assume). Although, the affiliate who wants to have a direct relationship with the merchant at some point may decide that he wants to care about that as well. Just saying.

You can see as an example landing page for such an offer.

Getting Paid Selling Credit Scores Using Tutorials

I worked the free offers in the past in a couple different ways that could be carried over to today’s offers possibly. I say “possibly” because you should certianly refer to the terms and conditions of the offer to be certain.

One way I did it was to provide tutorials in PDF, Screencast, and slideshows explaining the exact process for getting the report and scores.

I walked through the process myself, pulled out my credit card and went through every step a customer would go through. I even explained the stage where I would get a commission. Plus I explained the benefits of monitoring and told them I do not get commissions for that part, and also explained how to cancel. I went through the cancellation process myself in order to provide a full picture scenario.

Make Money With Lender Sites

With this approach you can get clever with geo-targeting and auto-form filling, and I hope you do.

But here is the gist of it.

You send city targeted traffic, perhaps from Facebook of the terms allow, to a page discussing “auto loans” for example. You talk about how these lenders offer in-house financing, so no need to go to the bank.

All they have to do is:

1. Get their scores and report and print them off (link using your affiliate link)
2. Come back to our site and input their scores and we provide contact info for a lender that will try to work with them. The lender is “matched” based on the score.

I put matched in quotes because you can make this real or fake. You can contact lenders and tell them the deal, and perhaps even get paid per lead to the lenders too. Or you can just output a lender you found in the Yellow Pages you sneaky affiliate you.