Are you the type that gets the latest model of your phone of choice immediately after it becomes available? Do you allow the $351 early upgrade fee merged into your cell bill just so you don’t miss out on the latest smart gadget? Do you have a phone for each mobile OS? One for Android, one for iOS, Windows.. a BB phone?

Make some money from your mobile phone knowledge

You use your phone every day right? Each day you make new distinctions about your phone. You might learn about a feature that is “new” to you. You might learn “how to” do something specific on the phone.

Well, document your knowledge, and share how you do things with other people, in a blog.

The process is simple:

1. Buy hosting
2. Buy a domain, any domain
3. Setup WordPress – we have some tips on setting up your first WordPress blog 4. Create a tag line
5. Blog 5-7 times each week

Read on to see what to blog about, and how to make money from your smartphone blog.

Smartphone blog: what to say everyday?

Every specific task that you perform on your cell-y can warrant a “how-to” type blog post. Even if you are Googling how to do it yourself, you can write out/demonstrate the steps that you learned, but in your own unique way.

Rest assured that not everyone has the same level of knowledge as yourself. There are searches for “how to send a text from my samsung s2,” after all.

Take the time to write out the steps for people.

I recently had a heck of a time finding a solution to tether my Samsung S3 phone. That information can be put into a clean, straight forward how-to article to be shared on a blog.

Keep things simple. Just write out the steps in a plain way. As for titling the posts, just make partial searches in Google for the article you are writing to see what Google “suggests” for the search. The suggestions will show up in the drop down list of the search box or at the very bottom of the search results as text links.

Pick a query that matches exactly to what you answered in your post. Make sure the complete query makes sense in every day speak. Run a query with that phrase. If there are ZERO results in the top 10 with an article title matching that query exactly (or even 80%+., then use it. Keep searching until you find one. It shouldn’t take long at all. My guess is that you will find a “winner” within the first 3 queries with a high percentage on just the first query.

If you are really savvy or adventurous consider doing screencasts of your cellphone screen from your computer. This way you can have videos to upload to YouTube for more traffic, and embed into your posts for more value.

Monetizing a cell phone blog

There are several ways that a blog like this can be monetized. You may want to just run AdSense, and be lazy with it, and that’s fine.

Otherwise you could look into promoting (for commissions. some cell phone accessories from Amazon or eBay that you use yourself. Or perhaps there are affiliate offers for pay-as-you-go plans, or services related to phones.

Or, can you get commissions for selling phones themselves, or even unlock codes? My friend gets wholesale pricing for unlock codes and makes good money reselling them. Lots of options to choose from.

I recommend creating a list of items that are highly related, and pick the one that pays the most and offer that. If it pays a lot but isn’t related, don’t force it.

Add news related to phones and providers

You’ll probably want to create categories specific to your current cell phone. So, create a “Samsung Galaxy S3” category for example. When it comes time to close the category and start a new one (when you get a new phone., then you can finalize the category by explaining what you do with your old phone. Are there recycling programs that you can get involved in, that also may present an opportunity for referral commissions?

In addition, creating a “Smartphone News” category can’t hurt, and can offer another avenue for content when the “how to,” or “feature” well runs dry for your current phone or phones.

Head to and type in your cell phone name to get the latest news for it. Plus type in the name for the provider and manufacturer separately to get current news specific to them.

  • Also, for every query, click the link at the top that says: Add “{current-search-query}” section to my Google News homepage


That way, upon visiting later you will have all current news for you past queries. It saves lots of time and provides great opportunities to jump on current related news.

Just “report” on that news and cite your sources and you’re good.

Now, go do your thang cell phone junkie. No disrespect intended. I have went through: the Samsung Infuse, Samsung Note, Samsung S2 and S3 over the past couple of years. I also had a BB and iPhone 4S for a minute.