The best way to describe SlideShare is as a social media platform for presentations. The site addresses the increasingly popular trend of visual social networking, where images often take the center stage over text, and sharing becomes a prevalent activity across multiple social platforms. SlideShare presentations rank very well in search engines, are easy and fun to read, and are seen as a great source of information by many. The website has an impressive 60 million monthly users, many of whom are business owners, webmasters and other decision makers. Its presentations are mobile-compatible and have a chance of going viral if they reach the site’s front page. Read on for a list of ways in which you can take advantage of all these benefits and put SlideShare to use for your business.


1. Repurpose Your Content

There is probably a lot of content you have already created for your business, such as blog posts, articles in your area of expertise, case studies and other materials you have spent your time and efforts on. There’s no reason not to continue making this information work for your business by repurposing it and turning it into SlideShare presentations. You can easily take an old blog post or newsletter article and reformat it into several slides, which can then be shared via various social media channels and posted on your website, adding more visual material to your marketing campaign and attracting new audience. Go a step further and try writing new articles with SlideShare in mind. Break them down into sections that can easily be transformed into slides later.

2. Create an Attractive Marketing Kit

Most people these days prefer getting their information in a visual form, and that is something to keep in mind when developing your marketing strategy. Put together a SlideShare marketing kit, mixing catchy graphics with several key product features or facts about your business. Presenting your potential clients with such a visual, innovative package will make it a lot more likely to grab their attention than using other more traditional marketing methods.

3. Build Links to Your Site

Search engines tend to rate SlideShare links highly, and linking your SlideShare presentations to your website is an easy and effective link building method. More quality links, in turn, means better SEO results for your business. If you are uploading your PDF presentations to the website, be sure to take advantage of Acrobat Recorder’s Advanced Tools. This way you can activate any text links you might have in your presentation and ensure that readers can click them.

4. Use SlideShare for Resume or Portfolio

Providers of various professional services like designers, photographers and writers can utilize SlideShare to create impressive portfolios of their work. You can then include a link to such a presentation as part of your email signature, add it to your freelance gig applications or place it on your site. SlideShare makes it easy to share your work via social media, giving you a chance to share just one link instead of overwhelming your network with multiple work samples. It also eliminates the need to create an entire website as your portfolio, should you not have the time or proper skills to do so.

5. Generate Leads

The basic SlideShare plan is free, but you can go PRO starting at $16 a month, and take advantage of several premium features that can further benefit your business. This includes the ability to add a contact form, displayed as a pop-up link at the bottom of every slide, and allowing you to collect leads from the pool of your presentation readers. You can start off with a 30-lead limit offered by a Silver plan, get 75 leads with Gold or collect an unlimited amount with Platinum.

6. Run Webinars

Many people have great ideas for potential webinars, but don’t have the technical skill to create one. SlideShare eliminates this problem by providing an extremely easy to use webinar platform. You can make a regular PowerPoint or PDF presentation, upload it to the site and use SlideShare’s Create SlideCast option to add an MP3 of your voice speaking over your slides. This method is extremely simple yet just as effective as the webinars recorded with the help of various technical tools. You can use these types of webinars to share your own expertise or your company’s accumulated knowledge in its niche.

7. Present Your Job Openings Creatively

SlideShare can be a great tool for announcing your job openings, allowing you to spread the word about the position on a much wider scale than you would with a standard post in digital job marketplaces, and giving you a chance to attract the best talent out there. You can spice up your slides with pictures of the work environment or the area where your company is located, or even include the photos of your team, to let the potential candidates see their future co-workers.

8. Use SlideShare for Virtual Meetings

A Zipcast is a conferencing system that comes as part of SlideShare. Once you start a SlideShare account, you automatically get a public meeting room with your account. You can use to it hold virtual meetings with your co-workers, host remote presentations, run training sessions or create new product announcements, among many other possibilities. To run such a virtual meeting, you simply need to choose a Zipcast option from the drop-down menu, located under your username on top of the screen. You can create a title for your Zipcast, keep it private or make public, and attach it to a presentation if needed. You will need to update to a PRO account to be able to hold private Zipcasts, while the public option is available for free.

9. Showcase Your Company’s Best Work

You can use SlideShare to showcase some of your company’s most popular presentations, which would otherwise be only seen internally. You can also put together a collection of your employees’ best quotes, tips or creative ideas. Other popular things to share include e-books, research papers, or articles you or your employees have published in different professional publications.

10. Find Useful Presentations

Lastly, you can find great presentations that will assist you in your line of work. Whether you are a business owner, marketer or writer, you can use SlideShare’s large content base as a source for your own articles, presentations and sales pitches. You can find new ideas here, get inspiration for your blog or a new twist for your site content, or find various creative agencies to collaborate and network with.

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