So far we’ve covered quite a bit about branding, and this is the fourth, and final section of this series, we’ll go over the last key aspects of branding that will make you a household name online in no time. Try to put into practice as many of these tips as humanly possible. In the end, there’s nothing on Earth more profitable and stable than having yourself a truly recognizable brand name.

Technique #10: Create Your Customer Identity

In order to be specific with your audience, and give them exactly what they want, (technique #3) you should know exactly who you’re talking to. In order to do this, you should look at all the demographic, psychographic, and really any other information on your audience that you can get your hands on (their likes, wants, interests, needs, etc) and from that information, build your “customer identity”, which is basically a list of common denominators that match your entire fan base as closely as possible, and then, market to THAT person. Doing this, will help you to focus all of your marketing campaigns, and get the more conversions, while also providing more value to your audience, so it’s a win-win. It employs the power of focus, which is very valuable to any marketing strategy, and a key aspect of branding as well.


Technique #11: Have a Catchy Slogan That Tells People What You’re About In Just A Few Words…

There’s a reason we remember some slogans… they just stick, and it really sums up what your brand is about in just a few words. When you think of Nike, what do you think of? Just do it. What’s that brand about? It’s about action, it’s about moving forward, and taking your goals head-on (at least that’s my interpretation). One of the best slogans isn’t even for a company, it’s for a city: Sin City. You know exactly what I’m talking about: What happens in Vegas… This is not only catchy, but it tells people what Vegas is all about: letting go, being free, letting go of all inhibitions for a little while, and just having a good time, away from all the pressures of the world. I can’t even think of a better slogan than that, because it so accurately describes what the city’s all about for tourists, AND gets stuck in everyone’s mind. Brilliant.

So come up with your own slogan. Think, what’s the one thing about you that stands out the most? What’s the one thing about your brand which you want people to know more than anything else? And now, how can you make that catchy and fun? How can you make it mean something to people? You can come up with countless great slogans, but, you can only pick one, so choose wisely, and once you have the right one, stick to it.

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Well, that does it. Twelve valuable techniques which you can use to get massive exposure for your brand, and make it “stick”. As I mentioned earlier, there’s nothing more profitable than being a brand name… it’s what’s necessary to really succeed in business. If you’re not a brand, then you’re just another company, competing for attention with a horde of other businesses just like yourself. A brand makes you stand out. It makes you who you are.

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