Writing a great blog post requires several different elements coming together. By using a checklist of those elements, you too can make sure your posts are the best they can be to attract readers. The following blog post checklist has been compiled to help you write great posts each and every time.

#1 – Incorporate the Best Keywords

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Hopefully, before you even started blogging you identified the keywords you need to use on your blog. If not, stop what you are doing, and focus your attention on this important element of blogging. Without the proper keywords, your blog posts may never reach the readership levels you desire. Incorporating keywords into posts is how search engines know to include your post in search results. Don’t just go with any keywords – identify the best ones for each post.

#2 – Write a Creative Title

You can increase your CTR by creating more appealing headlines!

First, you need to get your reader’s attention. And your post’s title is often the first thing readers notice. It is your title that will initially attract readers to your blog. Titles with a clear call to action can be quite compelling. Creative titles can use keywords so readers know what to expect when they get to your post. It is not necessary to include a keyword in your title for every single blog post.

#3 – Use Categories and Tags (and Other SEO Tactics)

Blog Checklist

Tip: Worpress and Drupal make it really easy to add tags to your content – BUT don’t overuse tags, use them with caution or Google will slap you: Panda-style.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential part of a successful blog. Your blog likely has categories that you can assign each post to so blog readers can easily find related posts. Tags are used for blog searches and for SEO purposes. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for readers and search engines to find your posts. Links to other articles in your archive or to outside resources can also boost SEO strategies. Try to include a relevant image when appropriate. Use your alt-tag to provide a title and description of the image so it too can be ranked on image search results. Be sure to include at least one keyword in your image title.

#4 – Confirm Content is Original

Google loves unique content that is available nowhere else!

Originality is essential if you want your content to be ranked by search engines. It also is necessary if you want to pique the interest of readers. There is so much information online that it can seem impossible to write unique content. But there are ways. You can approach a topic from a different prospective. Or take a controversial stance on a hot-button issue. Take the time to come up with several creative approaches to a blog post before settling on one. Always confirm your content is original by running it through an online duplicate-content checker.

#5 – Edit, Edit, Edit! Good Content Is Never Done

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Sloppy writing, typos, and poor grammar can diminish your blog’s success faster than anything else. The last step in this checklist is to proofread your writing BEFORE you publish it. You should be able to easily preview it before you launch it out into the blogosphere. Look for formatting issues during the proofreading process. Reading your post aloud can help you identify problem sentences, poor word choices, and other problems. Using this blog post checklist should help you get more traffic to your site. It is important to use it for every post. Get in the habit of writing great posts now!