PLR (Private Label Rights) are an excellent way to make money online. Don’t like affiliate marketing, but don’t really want to create your own products either? Well then, PLR might be the way to go for you. There are several different ways that you can cash in and make a very nice full-time income just using PLR products in one way or another, and in this article, we’ll go over some of the best ones.

Method #1: Be a Product Creator

If you like creating products, this can be a very easy route to actually pulling in some real dough online. You can create any type of product you want, in any niche you want, and simply sell the products with PLR rights. It can be a lot easier to make higher priced sales this way. You can sell individual products to people, OR, you can also set up an entire membership site that provides subscribers with new PLR products on monthly basis. This can be an excellent business model, especially if you’re just starting out, since you don’t need a ton of subscriptions in order to get a full-time income. You’d be surprised at how many people are willing to purchase your product when they have the ability to put their own name on it, and resell it. Easy sales.

Method #2: Buy PLR, Set Up Websites, And Sell…

Another easy method for getting cash, is to sign up for a PLR service, that offers monthly PLR’s yourself, or, simply buy a certain PLR product, and then, label the product yourself, put it up on a website, and then sell that website. This is very easy to do. All you have to do is find a nice product (ideally something that you know about that has nice content), choose another product name, and then choose a domain name that matches that product name. Then you can basically copy/paste the sales copy you’re given, and just upload new images to match your new product name (such as a new header, for example). If you don’t know how to do any graphic art, you can easily outsource this work to someone on for example, and still turn an excellent profit.

The next step of course, once the site is set-up, is to sell it on a site like You can tell people it’s a PLR product, that it’s been rebranded, and is now all set to be sold on a site like Clickbank for example. If you write up a nice listing, you can turn a pretty nice profit here, since people are always looking for their own personal products to sell. They keep the domain, they keep the rebranded name, and you get to keep the profit. Pretty easy money.

Method #3: Rewriting The Copy

The general perception is that PLR products are very low quality. While that, in some cases, might have some truth to it, usually, where they’re really lacking, is in another area… they usually have terrible sales copy. This means that even if you find a great product, chances are, it doesn’t have the best sales copy in the world, but, this is because usually the people who create PLR products aren’t responsible for selling and marketing them to consumers themselves, which means, they very rarely know ANYTHING about how to write effective sales copy. Anyone who knows Internet Marketing should know that Copywriting is a mandatory skill, and if you don’t have good copy, the product won’t sell.

This creates quite an opportunity for people who actually do know Copywriting, because you can take a regular PLR product, rebrand it, and put it on your own website as before, but this time, instead of selling the website, you rewrite the copy, and then split-test and market it yourself. You can do this in several different ways, but the best way to do it is with paid traffic, such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Media Buying, RTB, PPV, or any other type of paid traffic source that you can control. If you know Copywriting, and you know how to generate paid traffic and split-test it, then literally all you have to do is find a quality PLR product that is in demand, and you’ll be almost guaranteed to have a successful campaign on your hands.

Method #4: SEO’ing It…

One last method for making money with PLR products, is to find a good one (and ideally still rewrite all the copy) and then build an actual site around it, such as a niche blog for example. If you know how to do SEO, you can build it around certain keywords that are related to the product itself, and then, put it on a ‘recommended products” page, and/or just offer it in banner ads using the inventory on your own website. With this method, you can simply SEO it once, then kick back and relax, while it brings you in a passive income from sales of the PLR product.

This is a strategy used with affiliate products, but with affiliate products, you’re only getting a commission… Why get a commission, when you can get the whole thing? This can turn into a very profitable web asset for you, and you can either hold onto it and let it generate passive income for you, OR, you can wait till it’s making money, and then sell it for a nice juicy lump sum. It’s up to you.

These are just a few great ways to make money with PLR products, and an often over-looked avenue to making money online. There are plenty of other great ways you can make some money with this, but these, but these are a few of the best methods for you to start with, depending on what types of skills you have. Try them out, see which one suits you the best, and then use them to make money money.