Niche selection slowing you down from starting your first online project? If you just open your eyes to the world around you, you’ll see there are niche ideas everywhere you go. We live in a commerce-driven world, and you can learn a lot just by looking at what others are doing already. Here are some quick tips for finding niches that will sell.

1. Amazon Bestselling Books List

Amazon is an online entrepreneur’s dream. If there’s a subject out there people are writing books about, chances are there’s a demand. But of course, with self-publishing so easy now, there are plenty of authors writing books that don’t have a market. So go straight to the top.

Facebook Ads

8. Go to the Mall

Get off the Internet, hop in your car, and head down to the mall or a big box store, like Costco, to troll the aisles. There are so many niche site ideas in these places you’ll never run out of ideas. Just walk through the store, marveling at all the different subcategories tucked away neatly on those shelves. They sit on those shelves because they’re moving, and they’re moving because people buy.

Is it an interesting enough product for people to blog about the activity, lifestyle, or issues surrounding it? Could you build an ecommerce site selling it directly to the consumer? Maybe design a better version and find someone on AliBaba to produce it? Get creative.

9. Watch T.V.

Alright, you’re back from the mall, now drop your lazy rear end in a chair and turn that same curious spirit to the television. Again, advertisers pay big money to show their wares online. What can their marketing efforts reveal to you?

As you can see, product and niche ideas are all around you, everywhere you go. One of the best ways to plug into all of this is to simply become curious again and look for opportunities in day-to-day life. If your eyes are truly open, it’s only a matter of time before something strikes you.

Take notes about the ideas you like until something just sticks. Now you’ve got your niche.

Do you have a unique way of rooting out new niches? Tell us about it in the comments.