This is part four of this series. We’ve now gone over the basics of Virtual Real Estate, how to acquire it, and of course, what makes it valuable. This final article in the series will focus more on what to do with Virtual Real Estate once you’ve acquired it. And also, how to do certain tweaks that will increase the revenue and traffic of your online assets. This is important, regardless of whether you plan on holding your web assets for cashflow, or trying to sell them right away for a quick profit, you need to be able to increase their revenue, so let’s talk about how to do just that.

Just like with actual Real Estate, if you’re going to be buying a house, there’s really no need to tear the entire thing down, and build a new house from scratch. It’s the same principle with buying a website. When you’re buying a website, you’re paying for much more than just the domain name, you’re also paying for all of the content found on that website, therefore it’s important to make sure that you don’t tear down the entire website and start all over. You only need to make a few little changes to make the site convert better, have more traffic, and of course, become more profitable.


The quickest way to increasing a site’s value, is by increasing how much traffic it gets. You’d be surprised how poorly the SEO is done on so many sites, so just making small tweaks, can make a BIG difference in how well your site ranks in the search engines. So, what are these simple tweaks?

Even just doing things like editing the title and description tags on each page (or at least all the important ones, if it’s a large website). Many sites simply don’t do their basic on-page SEO. This also includes image tags, LSI keywords, etc. Making sure the site has solid on-site SEO is really one of the fastest ways to improve a site, because Google will take away some major points from you if this part isn’t done. It might take a bit of time on larger sites, but of course, it’s worth it.

With you’re own sites, you generally have a pretty good idea of what backlinks you have. This obviously won’t be the case when you’re buying a new website, so you have to use some sort of a link checker to see what sort of links are going to the website currently. You can also generally get some valuable info on backlinks from the seller, so be sure to ask, if you’re buying a site. If they seem to have too much of a certain type of link for example, if they built 100% dofollow links, it’s a safe bet that you’re going to want to build the types of links that they don’t have. This will make it appear to Google that you built your links a bit more naturally, as opposed to making it seem as though the links were built to manipulate their search engine rankings (which of course they were).

Affiliate Products

This can work especially good with Adsense sites. If sites are being monetized with Adsense, you have have to remember that people who are placing the ads on these sites, are spending whatever it costs to place the ads there, AND, on top of that, they’re also making a profit (or else they wouldn’t keep putting the ad there). This means, that if a site was previously monetized with solely Adsense, you can try immediately increasing the profitability by using affiliate products. You can use, ShareASale,, Clickbank, Offervault (CPA offers), and if you try enough offers, SOMETHING will convert, and once you find it, you’ll find yourself making a lot more, perhaps even DOUBLING or TRIPLING the site’s income.

Also, once you find something that converts, it’s important to build an entire page dedicated to this product. This will not only increase your sales in general for this product/offer, it will of course also get it ranking in the search engines, so more people will come to your site who are specifically looking for that product. This can be a full-blown sales-page of course, or just a simple review. However you do it, it’s up to you, but make sure that once you have something that makes you money, you dedicate a whole page to it, so you can squeeze even more conversions out of it.

Monetize Quickly With Something Like TextLinkAds

If you want to give the site a real quick boost in income, try just adding TextLinkAds, or a similar service. What this will do is give you some extra revenue immediately. These won’t get you rich, but this is especially helpful if you just plan on flipping sites, because even $50/month in added revenue from something like this, could make the site worth up to $1,000 more when you to go sell it. So if it doesn’t already include something like this, definitely add it, and start seeing some extra cash fast.

The Opt-In Form

If your site is lacking an opt-in form, and doesn’t even have a list, then you can use this as an opportunity to build the site’s profitability very quickly. You can also create something to bribe visitors with in exchange for them giving you an opt-in. If there’s already an opt-in form, then try playing around with the bribe and the copy. If you can increase the number of opt-ins you get per 100 visitors or so, you immediately have a much more profitable website.

Well, that concludes this series on making money with virtual real estate. This is something you can use to build a strong, passive, and lucrative online business, as many people have already learned.